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You asked, and we answered! Here are the chosen questions and answers from ASK DP2:

Q: Should I consume caffeine before games and training?

A: Actually studies have shown that a small dose of caffeine (3mg/kg to 6mg/kg) around 45 minutes to 60 minutes before a workout can improve endurance as well as high intensity performance with athletes that are in good physical condition. Caffeine can be very effective in sports that require prolonged endurance such as soccer, rowing, cross-country, etc.


Q: How does chocolate milk compare to other sports drinks in terms of recovery?

A: In studies done by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, they have found that the consumption of low-fat milk has similar, if not more effect on the recovery of athletes after strenuous workouts. In addition, milk also offers more nutrition with less additives and artificial sweeteners than leading sports drinks. In a separate test done with endurance cyclists, chocolate milk was found to be significantly better for quick recovery between difficult workouts done in consecutive days.


Q: What should I be drinking during workouts/during competition?

A: During strenuous exercise and competition, you should be consuming a beverage that can help you replace electrolytes and carbs quickly. In many cases if this exercise is for a longer period of time, like in a game, these types of beverages are almost always more beneficial than water.


*Note: these answers are neither exhaustive nor all encompassing. For further discussion and depth, please see a DP2 staff member and/or your athletic trainer.