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Ask DP2 Vol. 2

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By Beverly Schaefer
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Q: I want to get a great job after I graduate, but am not quite sure where to start. Where should I look for information on potential careers and the opportunities available to a Dartmouth student-athlete?

A: To begin with, take some time to catalog potential jobs that sound interesting. Then, make a similar list of personal strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Once you’ve complied those, go to and play the games. These games are designed to catalog your professional strengths—strengths that can be used to narrow your job search. From there, it’s time to start exploring the different industries and make inquiries.


Q: What is the Dartmouth Athletic Alumni Network? How can I gain access?

A: The Athletic Alumni Network houses the Big Green alums who have agreed to lend their contact information to future Dartmouth alums. In doing so, they have opened the door for questions about their professional journeys, various industries, and tips for burgeoning professionals. Find out more about how to access through Ali Hart and the DP2 Career Connections Program. For additional help on your resume and cover letters, visit the Center for Professional Development. They have counselors on staff that can help you put the finishing touch on both.


Q: I’ve got the number and email for an alum working my dream job! Now what?

A: It’s time to polish off your speaking or writing skills, and set up an informational interview. This “interview” can take the form of a phone call or in-person meeting. The main things to keep in mind:

1.     Prepare thoughtful and researched questions. He or she will be there to talk shop, but will need direction as to what areas of their job or industry in which you’re most interested.

2.     Be conscious of the time. Professional schedules are demanding and the person you are meeting with will have limited time to spend with you. Use it wisely.

3.     Be gracious, send a thank you note, and follow up. Show that you are grateful for their time and advice. Then, be sure to send a thank you note within 24 hours (email is fine for a phone call, but an in-person meeting warrants a hand-written note). Finally, reach out for a follow-up conversation within a decent time period. The time period will be dictated by how long it takes to make a few strides in the career connections process—let them know of any recent victories, or questions that have popped up. The point is to engage and continue to build the relationship.


Note: Feel free to contact Ali Hart or any member of the DP2 Staff for further information.