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Dartmouth Athletics and SportsBoard announced today a strategic partnership to develop an enhanced version of SportsBoard’s mobile player assessment solution for Dartmouth Peak Performance (DP2).
Dartmouth is starting with SportsBoard’s revolutionary mobile player assessment solution for recruiting, season, camps and strength & conditioning, and enhancing it to include features to track data about every athlete for the entirety of their life cycle with the college — from prospect to student-athlete to graduate. These new features focus on academic tracking, leadership development and career preparation. Dartmouth staff and coaches (130 personnel in all) will use “SportsBoard Plus” for data collection and information sharing, enhancing the development of every Big Green student-athlete.
“This partnership will truly allow Dartmouth coaches to bring laser-sharp focus to the overall development of our student-athlete population,” said Drew Galbraith, Senior Associate AD for Dartmouth Peak Performance. “A number of our coaching staffs are loyal SportsBoard clients, so to add the additional components that will give coaches a snapshot of the myriad of DP2 resources our student-athletes are accessing will help us better unlock their potential.”
“SportsBoard is thrilled about the opportunity to provide our cutting-edge technology to Dartmouth’s DP2 program,” states SportsBoard Founder, Gregg Jacobs. “SportsBoard’s flexible design easily enables us to add features to meet DP2’s needs. In so doing, SportsBoard will enable coaches to collect, view, and analyze data on their athletes in one system, instead of having to learn and use several systems. And that’s a distinct advantage.”
Galbraith believes the dynamic new partnership with SportsBoard will raise the visibility of its athletic program.
“The ability to extend SportsBoard’s solution into new areas of assessment allows us to execute on our vision and make Dartmouth Athletics more attractive to prospects than ever before,” Galbraith said.  “As many schools begin to implement programs like DP2, we envision they will view SportsBoard, like we do, as the mobile solution of the future for college athletics.”
About Dartmouth Athletics and Dartmouth Peak Performance
Dartmouth College, a member of The Ivy League and NCAA Division I, sponsors 34 varsity teams providing opportunities for over 1,000 student-athletes. Nearly a quarter of the undergraduate population participates in varsity athletics at Dartmouth. Dartmouth Peak Performance (DP2) was created in 2011 as the umbrella for all services that impact a student-athlete’s academic, athletic and personal development. Over 40 professionals work within DP2 providing services ranging from academic support to sports medicine to integrative health to leadership coaching.
About SportsBoard
SportsBoard now streamlines player assessment processes for nearly 350 NCAA programs, IMG Academy, US Women’s Soccer, First Tee Golf and USA Archery. Iconic collegiate coaching staffs include UCLA, Stanford, North Carolina, Florida, Duke, Memphis, Kentucky, Michigan, Cal, Georgetown, Harvard, Yale and many more, with over 80 national championships to their credit. All of these customers, and more, are using SportsBoard to gain a competitive advantage in recruiting, season, camps, and strength & conditioning. For more information about SportsBoard, visit its website at