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The Juniors will be checking in from time-to-time with written pieces about where they have been and what they have been doing on their off-terms away from Hanover.

Morgan Philie:

For my ten weeks away from campus, I've been interning with Ionic Security, a cloud-based data security company.

Ionic offers data security solutions to customers seeking innovative techniques in the growing world of cyber security. Alongside the engineers at Ionic, I've been helping with their projects, learning new things, and getting a grip on the direction in which I want to take my computer science major.

After my work day in Annapolis is over, I make the commute back home, which is roughly one hour; I've enjoyed the convenience of living at home this winter.

I think our two cats have certainly enjoyed the extra company, too! Mulli and Mick are our two spoiled cats... they love to sleep on laps and be the center of attention. Before I hang out with the cats though, I get some training time in.

It's tough being away from the team, so I definitely can't wait to be back with them in the spring. To switch up my workouts from the treadmill in our basement, I like to run all the winding roads in my neighborhood. It's a race against the sunset by the time I get home from work, but I am always sure to wear reflective clothing!

Also in my time at home, my family took a trip to Hawaii for my brother's wedding; I traveled to Atlanta for Ionic company-wide project meetings; I celebrated my 21st birthday.

Overall, it's been a hectic winter full of worthwhile experiences; I'm glad I had this opportunity away from campus to explore them all.