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Throughout the summer, will be focusing on members of the Class of 2018 who are currently in their "Sophomore Summers."

This installment features Simone Framson of the Dartmouth women’s rowing team. She rowed in the varsity 8 all season, helping the Big Green finish third in the petite final at the Ivy League Championship. She was named a CRCA Scholar Athlete at the conclusion of the year.

What is your favorite memory from the season?
Our bus-wide sing along coming home from our championship regatta. Our team has a weird obsession with Mamma Mia. 

What has this sport taught you abut yourself over the past two years?
I've learned the value of trusting and being trusted by your teammates. You earn your teammates’ trust when you show up every day ready to give 100% and then following through by actually giving it. What I've learned about myself is that I will always strive to be the competitor that my teammates want in their boat and the kind of teammate that they want in their lives off the water. 

What three things would you bring with you to a desert island?
1)    My dog, Maddie. Instant pick-me-up.
2)    Water purifier. Let’s be practical about this.
3)    John Mulaney. If that answer is not self-explanatory, please go watch some John Mulaney.

What are your goals/what are you most looking forward to this season?
It sounds silly because it means waking up early, but I love Saturday morning practices in the fall. The Connecticut River is stunning this time of year. It's usually still foggy at the beginning of practice but by the end, it lifts and the sunbeams come through the foliage. It feels like we have this special thing all to ourselves because the rest of campus is still sleeping. 

Do you have any pre-race rituals?
I've been writing down inspirational quotes from famous athletes and coaches since the beginning of high school. Before a race or a really hard practice, I flip through the notebook and find one that resonates with me on that day and set it as my intention to push through the race.

What are three words that your teammates would use to describe you?
Determined, caring, dependable.

How did you spend your Sophomore Summer?
I spent my Sophomore Summer running, canoeing, rope swinging, swimming, hammocking, stargazing on the golf course, hiking... basically anything I could do to fully take advantage of our surroundings at Dartmouth. 

If you could give freshman you advice going into the season, what would it be?
I would tell myself that a year at Dartmouth goes by faster than you'd ever anticipate and you have to put the work in early. 

If you could trade places with one of your teammates for a day, who would it be?
I’d trade with Harriet Van Metre. She's one of the funniest people I know. It'd be nice to be on the other side of the joke for once.

What do you want to be when you “grow up?”
I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Either a clinical or research psychologist, I think.

What is your favorite memory from your childhood?
When I was four, my dad cut up an entire watermelon and let my big sister and I have a watermelon fight in the backyard. I have no idea where he got this idea, but I still remember how fun it was. 

And the most important question of all: what kind of dinosaur would you want to be?
I’d definitely be a Stegosaurus. I dig the spikes.