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CHERRY HILL, N.J. – Dartmouth women’s rowing opened the spring by placing third out of 12 teams at the Doc Hosea Invitational, ending the day with 99 points and advancing three boats to the Grand Final.

The event – which featured Indiana, Syracuse, Penn, Minnesota, Rutgers, Cornell, Navy, Northeastern, Rhode Island, UMass and BU – honored Tim Hosea, MD, who served for many years as the USRowing team doctor and passed away unexpectedly in 2015.

"Racing six boats across in our very first race was definitely trial by fire, but the opportunity to test ourselves against so many strong programs gave us a helpful snapshot of where we’re starting our season," head coach Wendy Bordeau said. "We’re encouraged by our performance and excited to get right back to work to prepare for the Ivy Round Robin next weekend.   

"The Doc Hosea Invitational not only attracted a high level of competition, but also ran incredibly
smoothly," Bordeau continued. "Overall, this was a great racing experience. We’d like to thank Justin Moore, Joe Wilhelm, Wes Ng, Chris Combs and Liz Dennison for all their work in organizing this special event. We’re grateful to be a part of it."

The Big Green placed second in the second heat of the Varsity 8 (6:42.4), completing the 2,000-meter course less than a second ahead of Cornell. In the second Varsity 8, Dartmouth place third (6:53.3), finishing behind Indiana (6:51.8) and Minnesota (6:49.2).

In the second heat of the Varsity 4, Dartmouth was second (7:44.0), finishing behind Indiana (7:34.4) and ahead of Minnesota (7:46.2). The Green were third in the Varsity 4B with a time of 8:03.8, narrowly out-finishing Navy (8:04.6).

Things started dramatically in the GF of the Varsity 8 when a photo finish had to be reviewed by officials to see who crossed the line first, Dartmouth or Syracuse. Both teams closed a 6:32.9, but officials determined that the Green were second and the Orange were third. Indiana took first with a 6:30.7.

Four boats finished within five seconds of each other in the second Varsity 8 GF, being led by Syracuse (6:42.2) and Minnesota (6:43.0) and followed soon after by Dartmouth (6:45.4) and Indiana (6:47.4). In the Varsity 4 Grand Final, the Green finished in third place with a 7:38.2, out-finishing Rutgers by four-tenths of a second.

Dartmouth was second in the Varsity 4 Petite Final (8:02.0), completing the course sandwiched between Navy (7:59.0) and UMass (8:27.0), while the Big Green’s third Varsity 8 came in third place (7:10.6), leaving almost nine seconds between them and Navy’s crew (7:19.0).

Next Saturday, April 7, Dartmouth will return to New Jersey for the Ivy League Round Robin.

C Katie Erdos
8 Sabrina Bohrer
7 Rhea Enzian
6 Zoe Dinneen
5 Rebecca Thomson
4 Kate Griffiths
3 Rebecca Conway
2 Claire Campbell
1 Nora Masler 

C Jasmine Williams
8 Sophie Stone
7 Sophia Stone
6 Abigail Chamberlin
5 Cara Cavanaugh
4 Sophie Kostanecki
3 Francesca Governali
2 Jenna Thompson
1 Simone Framson

C Grace Hannam
4 Alexandra Kent
3 Maggie Stiefvater
2 Isabella St. Onge
1 Lilienne Sexton

C Mikayla Hubner
4 Samantha Hawley
3 Natalie Knight
2 Anne Blackburn
1 Taylor Daly

C Jasmine Williams
8 Katharine Phillips
7 Sophie Kamhi
6 Ciara Gaffney
5 Meghan Corwen
4 Justeen Komok
3 Hannah Frater
2 Verity Lynch
1 Emilie Baxter