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PRINCETON, N.J. – After a change of venue and a handful of time changes, the Dartmouth women’s rowing team competed in the 2016 Ivy League Women’s Rowing Championship on Lake Carnegie bright and early on Sunday morning. 

The Big Green improved from a seventh-place finish last season to take sixth this year with 28 points, finishing ahead of Columbia (24) and Cornell (22). Brown retained the title for the fourth year in a row.

"The change in regatta format, while the right thing to do under the circumstances, was a challenging format for every team," head coach Linda Muri said. "However, I had confidence in the resiliency of our team to rise to the occasion to have their best results despite the adversities of back-to-back racing and a four-boat format.

"The leadership from the senior class allowed the underclassmen (five sophomores in the V8 and four freshmen in the 2V8) to be confident and stay focused on their racing," Muri continued. "I am especially proud of the team's improvement in the overall standings this year. Each woman in each boat did her part to contribute to the effort, not just this weekend, but all year. I am excited for Princeton to represent our conference at the NCAA Championship and show off the speed of the Ivy League."

Racing soon after the sun had risen was the varsity eight, which placed fourth (6:51.912). Stroked by Kate Griffiths, Dartmouth finished just over five seconds behind Cornell in fourth (6:45.128). Princeton was first (6:24.058), edging Yale by three seconds.

In heat two of the second varsity, the Green completed the event in third (7:00.620), finishing almost seven seconds ahead of the Big Red (7:07.379). Dartmouth also took third in the varsity 4A (7:40.080), leaving a sizeable gap between it and Columbia in fourth place (7:56.539).

The Big Green’s varsity 4B rowed to a fourth-place finish in heat two of the event (8:02.740) and, in the varsity 4C, were third (8:27.732).

Dartmouth took third in the second heat of the third varsity (7:17.725). Stroked by Abby Stevenson, the Green completed the course just three seconds behind Harvard (7:14.662) and five ahead of Cornell (7:21.269).

With the heats completed in two hours, the league wasted no time in starting finals right away. Racing in the Petite Final of the varsity eight at 8 a.m., the Green were able to edge the Red this time to take third (6:55.742), finishing almost 10 seconds ahead of Cornell (7:04.194). Dartmouth left just four seconds between it and Columbia in second place (6:51.419). 

Stroked by Ciara Gaffney, the Big Green’s second varsity placed second in the Petite Final (7:03.583), finishing just over two seconds behind Penn in first (7:00.905). They also finished eight seconds ahead of Cornell (7:12.219).

Dartmouth had a big win in the Petite Final of the varsity 4A, completing the event with a time of 7:40.426. Led by Sarah Caplice, the Big Green completed the course five seconds ahead of Penn in second (7:46.133). 

In the varsity 4B/C Petite Final, Dartmouth’s B crew was third (8:02.989) – leaving a 13-second gap between it and Princeton – and the C boat placed fifth (8:30.623).

In the final race of the day, the third varsity Petite Final, the Big Green were third (7:25.798), finishing less than three seconds behind the Big Red in second (7:22.799).

Kate Griffiths (S), Caroline Allan (7), Sabrina Bohrer (6), Simone Framson (5), Zoe Dinneen (4), Nora Masler (3) Ariana Wetzel (2), Carin Carroll (B), Mackenzie Garrity (C) 

Ciara Gaffney (S), Cara Cavanaugh (7), Olivia Bono (6), Rebecca Conway (5), Miranda Gish (4), Harriet Van Metre (3), Audrey Landis (2), Jackie McInerney (B), Shia Li Lum (C)

Sarah Caplice (S), Sarah McGowan (3), Emily Carney (2), Taylor Daly (1), Wendy Huang (C)

Emma Miller (S), Sophia Stone (3), Maggie Stiefvater (2), Francesca Governali (1), Julia Granito (C)

Abby Stevenson (S), Brianna Ager (7), Caroline Estill (6), Maggie Gardner (5), Justeen Komok (4), Isabella St. Onge (3), Grace Ryan (2), Natalie Knight (1), Paulomi Rao (C)

Willow Pagan (S), Emily Grubb (3), Caroline Lempres (2), Ioana Solomon (1), Audrey Scott (C)