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ETNA, N.H. - The Dartmouth equestrian team hosted its last show of the fall season Saturday. The Big Green put together a successful day at Morton Farm, winning the high point team championship. 

The morning started out strong, with sophomore Olivia Champ coming in second in her Open Fences class and senior Meaghan Haugh coming in third. 

Sophomore Erin McCarthy-Keeler rode to victory in her Novice Fences class, taking first and qualifying for Regionals.

Both junior Nathalie Ferneau and senior Meg Rauner placed second in their respective Novice Fences classes, while sophomore Sophie King also claimed second place in her crossrails debut.

Freshman Meghan Poth had a successful Novice Flat class, taking home second place, as did senior Storey Dyer Kloman. Senior Cristiana Salvatori had a big win in her Intermediate Flat class, finishing at the top of the field. Charlotte Johnstone also put on an excellent performance in her Walk Trot Canter Flat class, taking first.

Senior Meaghan Haugh brought home another win in her Open Flat class.

Sophomore Olivia Champ brought the day to a successful end, winning her Open Flat class and qualifying for the Reserve High Point rider ride-off, which she also won, claiming the title of reserve high point rider.

Individual Results
Sophie Lenihan '20 - 6th Open Flat
Lilly Higgins '20 - 3rd Open Fences, 1st Open Flat
Meaghan Haugh '17 - 3rd Open Fences, 1st Open Flat
Olivia Champ '19 - 2nd Open Fences, 1st Open Fences
Staci Mannella - 5th Open Fences
Meghan Poth '20 - 6th Intermediate Fences, 2nd Novice Flat
Erin McCarthy-Keeler '19 - 1st Novice Fences, 3rd Novice Flat
Sarah Cohen '18 - 6th Novice Fences
Nathalie Ferneau '18 - 2nd Novice Fences
Meg Rauner '17 - 2nd Novice Fences, 4th Intermediate Flat
Storey Dyer Kloman '17 - 2nd Novice Fences, 2nd Novice Flat
Claire Bick '18 - 4th Novice Fences, 3rd Open Flat
Sophie King '19 - 2nd Crossrails, 3rd Novice Flat
Cristiana Salvatori '17 - 1st Intermediate Flat
Cameron Pfaffle '20 - 6th Novice Flat
Sue Mohieldin '19 - 4th Walk Trot Canter
Alexa Tucker '20 - 4th Walk Trot Canter
Charlotte Johnstone - 1st Walk Trot Canter
Alexandria Chen '20 - 4th Walk Trot