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ETNA, N.H. – The Dartmouth equestrian team hosted the Ivy Championships Saturday at the Dartmouth Riding Center at Morton Farm.

After a very close competition, the Big Green finished in second, claiming the reserve championship. Cornell finished first of the seven teams competing with Brown taking third.

Dartmouth riders gave especially strong performances at the show in individual and championship classes. The top 4-6 riders in each level qualify for the overall championship class in that level. Over fences, the championship placing depends on the original score over fences, and on the flat, riders compete in an additional class.

Olivia Champ, Claire Bick, Meghan Poth and Elle MacAlpine each won their respective classes in Open Fences, Open Flat, Intermediate Flat and Novice Flat qualifying them to ride in the championship for their given level.

In addition, Champ (Open Flat), Bick (Open Fences) and Poth (Intermediate Fences) all finished in second in their respective events, earning them another spot in the championship classes. Sarah Cohen also qualified for the Intermediate Flat Championship with a third-place finish.

Poth and MacAlpine won the Ivy Championship in Intermediate and Novice Flat, respectively. Poth also place third in the Intermediate Fences Championship. Champ won her spot as Reserve Ivy Champion in Open Fences and placed fourth in the Open Flat Championship. Bick finished fourth in the Intermediate Fences Championship and Fifth in the Open Flat Championship. Finally, Cohen placed third in the Intermediate Flat Championship.

Shira Hornstein also had a great ride, finishing in second in her Novice Flat class. Emily Slusher, Mahalia Dalmage and Nancy Curtis each placed third in Intermediate Fences, Novice Fences and Novice Flat, respectively.

Olivia Champ and Nathalie Ferneau will compete at Nationals on May 1-5. Champ will be competing in Open Fences, and Ferneau will be competing in the Teresa McDonald Scholarship Challenge.

Full Results
Olivia Champ ’19: First in Open Fences, Second in Open Fences Championship, Second in Open Flat, Fourth in Open Flat Championship
Lilly Higgins ’20: Fourth in Open Fences, Fifth in Open Flat
Claire Bick ’18: Second in Intermediate Fences, Fourth in Intermediate Fences Championship, First in Open Flat, Fifth in Open Flat Championship
Erin McCarthy-Keeler ’19: Fourth in Intermediate Fences, Fifth in Intermediate Flat
Meghan Poth ’20: Second in Intermediate Fences, Third in Intermediate Fences Championship, First in Intermediate Flat, First in Intermediate Flat Championship
Emily Slusher ’21: Third in Intermediate Fences, Fourth in Novice Flat
Mahalia Dalmage ’21: Third in Novice Fences, Fourth in Novice Flat
Elle MacAlpine ’18: Fifth in Novice Fences, First in Novice Flat, First in Novice Flat Championship
Sarah Cohen ’18: Sixth in Novice Fences, Third in Intermediate Flat, Third in Intermediate Flat Championship
Shira Hornstein ’21: Fourth in Novice Fences, Second in Novice Flat
Nathalie Ferneau ’18: Sixth in Novice Fences, Sixth in Intermediate Flat
Nancy Curtis ’21: Fourth in Novice Fences, Third in Novice Flat
Sue Mohieldin ’19: Fourth in Novice Flat
Cameron Pfaffle ’20: Fourth in Novice Flat
Teaghan Callaway ’21: Third in Adv. Walk-Trot-Canter
• Liza Begunova ’21: Third in Adv. Walk-Trot-Canter
Sophia Kocher ’21: Second in Adv. Walk-Trot-Canter
Margot Putnam ’19: Second in Walk-Trot
• Alex Chen ’20: Second in Walk-Trot