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Throughout the summer, will be focusing on members of the Class of 2019 who are currently in their "Sophomore Summers."

The first installment of the summer features Christie Honor of the Dartmouth women’s hockey team. A goaltender with the Big Green, the Mississauga, Ontario, native appeared in four games last season and posted a .901 save percentage. What have you been doing during your sophomore summer?
Christie Honor: Sophomore summer has been a lot of fun so far. I started off the term by doing sophomore trips, and have spent a lot of time outside. Some of my favorite things so far have been hiking Mount Cardigan, Gile Mountain at sunset, the rope swing at Mink Brook and Canada Day.

DS: What is your favorite place on campus?
CH: ­Besides Thompson Arena, probably Collis… People make fun of me for how much I like Collis, but it’s a great spot to hangout, eat, or study. I also love playing foosball in 8 ball hall (in the basement) and going to Collis Market late at night.

DS: Who would play you in the movie of your life?
CH: Emma Watson for sure. I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and I’ve always wanted a British accent, so that would be pretty cool.

DS: Do you have a nickname on your team? Who gave it to you and why?
CH: This is pretty weird, but everyone on my team (and most people at school, really) call me Sue. It started at the beginning of freshman year, when Kate Landers introduced me to someone else as “Sue” because she forgot my real name. From there, it stuck pretty quickly, and now most people (even coaches and some professors) call me anything from Sue, Susan, Susanna and Susie. The nickname took a while to get used to, but now I don’t mind it at all.

DS: You step outside tomorrow morning and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million (after taxes). What would you do with the money?
CH: I would probably pay my parents back first for all the debt I’ve cost them over the years playing hockey and at school. Then probably buy a house on a lake or mountain where I could live once I graduate Dartmouth. If I still have money left over (not sure how much this house will cost me), I would make a huge backyard rink, buy a Range Rover and go on vacation with family/friends.

DS: What has been your best on-field memory thus far in your Dartmouth career?
CH: One of my favorite memories was my first win at Dartmouth against UNH. The team played so well, and I remember everyone rushing over at the end of the game with huge smiles on all their faces. There was a big crowd at Thompson and the building was so loud when the final buzzer went. Definitely a moment I’ll never forget.

DS: What are your post-Dartmouth plans?
CH: After graduating from Dartmouth, I’ll hopefully go to med school if everything goes according to plan. Eventually, I’d like to become a surgeon and live somewhere in the mountains so I can snowboard and skate whenever I want.

DS: What would be your best advice to your 15-year-old self?
CH: To not get caught up stressing over the little things. Everything has a way of working itself out eventually, so just enjoy the ride.