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BOSTON, Mass.  – No. 10 Dartmouth lightweight rowing faced No. 3 Harvard and No. 12 MIT at the Biglin Bowl on the Charles River Saturday.

A strong headwind built throughout the day, but was at its worst during the first varsity.

The fourth varsity raced for the first time this season against Harvard. Dartmouth was able to get off the line on pace with the two Crimson crews, but fell behind 500-meters in and ended up finishing third with a time of 6:56.9, finishing behind Harvard’s 4V (6:24.5) and 5V (6:56.9).

The Big Green’s third varsity had a great start to their race, but was unable to keep up with the Crimson’s methodical moves. Harvard was able to open up about two to three seconds of margin each 500-meter increment to cross the line in 6:28.1, while Dartmouth finished in 6:39.7. 

The second varsity had a decent start, and was as much as two seats up on MIT through the first thousand.  Going into the third 500, the Engineers kept their push and worked their way back through the Big Green, almost breaking open water by the 1500-meter mark. Luckily, the Dartmouth 2V was able to make a good push in the last five hundred and nipped MIT at the line (6:50.5), finishing just two-tenths of a second ahead of the Engineers.

The varsity eight had a similar story unfold as last weekend, with the exception of the equipment issues. The 1V was able to hold onto Harvard's stern through the 750, but the Crimson began to make moves and continued moving through the rest of the piece to win the Biglin Bowl. The Dartmouth crew was able to keep MIT at bay and finished second with a time of 6:39.9 to the Engineers’ 6:45.2. 

Next Saturday, April 22, Dartmouth will head to Connecticut to take on Yale at the Durand Cup.

Kelsey Biddle (C), Henry Cawthorne (S), David White (7), Daniel Perez (6), Will Allan (5), Chris Tinsman (4), Walter Banfield (3), Frederick Polak (2), John Witherspoon (B) 

Nikol Oydanich (C), Michael Guadagno (S), Robert Van Voorhis (7), Ian Brackbill (6), Wyatt Genasci-Smith (5), Mark Widerschein (4), Jeffrey Gao (3), Ryan Robinson (2), Cortland Weatherley-White (B)

Kiana Outen (C), John Martin (S), Connor O’Leary (7), Benjamin Adler (6), Benjamin Lindgren (5), Seamus Hall (4), Will Kaufman (3), Chase Penhallurick (2), Jason Auh (B)

Elizabeth Michel (C), Alain Carles (S), Sam Lee (7), Grant McArtor (6), Sean Oh (5), Joel Weng (4), David Tramonte (3), Jonathan Lu (2), Alexander Abate (B)