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PRINCETON, N.J. – No. 10 Dartmouth lightweight rowing opened the spring portion of the season against No. 4 Princeton and No. 8 Delaware on Lake Carnegie Saturday morning. The Big Green entered three boats in the event.

The third varsity race started fast, with all boats getting out of the stake boats well. Princeton took an early lead, and continued expanding on it throughout the race. Dartmouth and Delaware traded bow-balls through the first 1400 meters of the race, but the Big Green crew suffered in the adverse conditions and lost ground to the Delaware crew in the last 600 meters. The Big Green couldn't overcome Delaware's move and the conditions, finishing third (7:00.4).

The second varsity race started with Blue Hens blasting out in the first 500, catching the Big Green and the Tigers off guard. Delaware was able to keep itself up on the field even as conditions worsened throughout the course. Princeton was methodical in moving away from Dartmouth throughout the race. The Big Green's boat couldn't keep hold on Princeton's stern, and finished third (6:56.6).

The first varsity crew had a great race, keeping pace with the Tigers through the first 750 meters.  Princeton began inching away, and eventually opened water on the Big Green by the 1500 meter mark. Unfortunately, Dartmouth's boat had debris in its lane, which partially dislodged the steering mechanism. Through the last 500 meters coxswain Kelsey Biddle resourcefully used her hand in the water to steer the boat safely across the finish line, narrowly avoiding collision with with the Delaware crew to help the Big Green take second (6:31.6).

Dartmouth will head to Boston next Saturday, April 15, to face Harvard and MIT in the Biglin Bowl.

Kelsey Biddle (C), Henry Cawthorne (S), David White (7), Daniel Perez (6), Will Allan (5), Chris Tinsman (4), Walter Banfield (3), Frederick Polak (2), John Witherspoon (B)

Nikol Oydanich (C), Michael Guadagno (S), Robert Van Voorhis (7), Ian Brackbill (6), Wyatt Genasci-Smith (5), Mark Widerschein (4), Jeffrey Gao (3), Ryan Robinson (2), Cortland Weatherley-White (B)

Kiana Outen (C), John Martin (S), Connor O’Leary (7), Joel Weng (6), Will Kaufman (5), Benjamin Lindgren (4), Jason Auh (3), Benjamin Adler (2), Alexander Abate (B)