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WORCESTER, Mass. – The No. 8 Dartmouth lightweight rowing team competed in the 2016 Eastern Sprints Regatta on Lake Quinsigamond on Sunday. 

The Big Green finished in ninth place overall with 11 points, leaving a rather big gap between them and MIT in 10th (5 points).

Dartmouth placed fifth in the first heat of the second varsity (6:41.500). The Big Green went on to take fifth in the first heat of the third varsity (6:49.967), completing the event just eight seconds behind Georgetown (6:41.443). 

In the first heat of the varsity eight, Dartmouth was fourth (6:21.494), leaving three seconds between it and Georgetown (6:24.569), which placed fifth.

The Big Green improved on their time from the morning in the Petite Final of the second varsity, finishing in third place (6:12.044), just seven tenths of a second ahead of MIT (6:12.769).

In the Petite Final of the third varsity, Dartmouth took third (6:41.696), completing the course behind Georgetown (6:29.905) and Columbia (6:19.059).

The Green came in second in the Petite Final of the varsity eight (6:02.401), leaving less than four seconds between it and Harvard (5:58.520) in first. They also out-finished Georgetown (6:05.211) by three seconds and MIT (6:07.497) by five.

Next up for Dartmouth will be the IRA Regatta on June 5.

Nikol Oydanich (C), David White (S), Wyatt Genasci-Smith (7), Will Allan (6), Henry Cawthorne (5), Walter Banfield (4), Chris Tinsman (3), Michael Guadagno (2), Ian Kennedy (B)

Kelsey Biddle (C), Robert Van Voorhis (8), Benjamin Adler (7), Matthew Marcus (6), Jeffrey Gao (5), Frederick Polak (4), Evan Wetzel (3), Cortland Weatherley-White (2), Mark Widerschein (B)

Elizabeth Michel (C), Sean Oh (8), Grant McArtor (7), Joohghyun Auh (6), Ian Brackbill (5), Sam Lee (4), John Martin (3), Connor O’Leary (2), Joel Weng (B)