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Throughout the summer, will be focusing on members of the Class of 2019 who are currently in their "Sophomore Summers."

The latest installment features Paolo Takagi-Atilano of the men’s Nordic ski team. He came to Hanover from Denver and has been a valuable asset to the team. This past year, he competed in three carnivals, posting his best finish at St. Lawrence in January, crossing the line of the 10K freestyle in sixth. What service activities are you involved with and how did you get involved?
Paolo Takagi-Atilano: I was elected to be the Philanthropy Chair of Heorot. It’s a fun way to meet people and learn about activities pretty removed from classes and skiing.

DS: Who would play you in the movie of your life?
PTA: Tough one there. I’m half Mexican, one-fourth Japanese and one-fourth German. I don’t think Hollywood has that, yet.
Editors’ Note: After much deliberation (lasted two seconds), we have decided that Paolo would be played by actor Benjamin Bratt. 

DS: What has been your best on-field memory thus far in your Dartmouth career?
PTA: Last year at the Saint Lawrence Carnival, I had an early start time and a really good race. So for much of the day, I was hanging on to first in the live timing. Then five skiers with late start times all beat my time. Four of the five were from Dartmouth!

DS: How is Hanover different or similar to where you grew up?
PTA: Denver is far bigger and more diverse than Hanover. But both have mountains nearby. While Hanover has no Mexican food, I have been able to substitute with spicy choices from Thai places.

DS: What show do you binge watch?
PTA: Rick and Morty.  

DS: What is your useless/hidden talent?
PTA: I'm good enough at violin to starve trying to do it for a living.

DS: What are your plans for your upcoming off-term?
PTA: I’m trying for a tech internship, which is turning out to be complicated. Skiers train during the summer and take spring off, and most tech internships seem to be offered during the summer, not spring. 

DS: What would be your best advice to your 15-year-old self?
PTA: You can do ok at stuff when you pay attention, so aim high and try to pay attention at least 50% of the time.