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Throughout the summer, will be focusing on members of the Class of 2018 who are currently in their “Sophomore Summers.”

Colin Minor is entering his third season as a thrower on the Dartmouth men’s track & field team in 2016-17. A former hammer throw national champion at the World Youth Trials during his junior year of high school, Minor is continuing to turn himself into one of the top throwers in the Ivy League.

1. What have you been doing during your sophomore summer?
I have been balancing classes and training, while also trying to enjoy many of the awesome experiences that sophomore summer has to offer. With a fairly difficult course load and rigorous training going on during these summer months, it has definitely been pretty busy, but I have found the time to go to various places, such as Canada and the copper mines, as well as partake in many fun activities like stargazing on the golf course. 

2. What are some of the things that you’re doing to stay in shape for your junior year?
I have been adhering to the weightlifting program that Coach Forino has written up for the throwers. I also try to take time five days a week and do some technical drills or take some throws to keep it fresh. 

3. At Outdoor Heps this past May, you finished fourth in the hammer. At Indoor Heps, you were one spot out of the scoring in the weight throw. Did narrowly missing out on All-Ivy honors and points serve as your main motivation this offseason?
Being just out of scoring at Indoor Heps has definitely been a driving force behind all the training I have been doing, but it is not the only thing keeping me going. I still feel as though I have a lot to prove to myself during my time here at Dartmouth and I feel as though I could possibly set the all-time hammer throw record here. 

4. Your older brother is also a thrower at Coastal Carolina. Dartmouth competes at Coastal’s meet each year. This year, you finished third in the hammer (199-11), while your brother Ryan was fourth (193-3). How does having hammer throw bragging rights for a full year feel?
My brother and I have always had a friendly sibling rivalry throughout our throwing careers. He used up his last year of athletic eligibility this year, so I do not think I will ever get to compete against him again. While it is nice to have the bragging rights, it is a bittersweet feeling to not be able to compete with him anymore. 

5. You’re from a picturesque town in North Carolina (Southport). What are some of the similarities between there and Hanover?
Southport and Hanover share many things, but also have some stark differences. While both are pretty small in population, Southport is a beach town that sees a large amount of tourists. The climates are also very different due to the high humidity in Southport and the southeastern heat. 

6. What is your favorite place on campus?
It would have to be Foco. The all-you-can-eat aspect makes it my favorite dining hall on campus and allows for me to engorge my self at my leisure. This is important for throwers because a little bit of extra mass can go a long way. 

7. What was it in the recruiting process that sold you on Dartmouth?
There were many aspects of my recruiting process that sold me on Dartmouth. For one, the school was everything I had been looking for. The small student population, the high academic rigor, and the strong athletics program really got me interested in Dartmouth, then my official visit sealed the deal. 

8. If you could swap places with one teammate, who would it be and why?
If I could swap places with any of my teammates, it would have to be a pole vaulter. I can only imagine the rush that vaulting 17 feet into the air can give a person. 

9. If you could play another sport at Dartmouth, what would it be and why?
It would probably be ice hockey. I find it to be an impressive sport that requires a large amount of athletic ability and finesse to play.