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Throughout the summer, will be focusing on members of the Class of 2019 who are currently in their "Sophomore Summers."

The latest installment features Remy Borinsky of the women’s soccer team. This Warren, New Jersey, native was tabbed as an All-Ivy League First Team selection as a sophomore in 2016 and as a second-team honoree as a freshman the previous fall. Borinski has started in all 31 games since coming to Hanover and has amassed two goals, five assists and nine points from the midfield in that time. What have you been doing during your sophomore summer?
Remy Borinsky: I am taking three courses and playing as much pickup soccer as possible, while also enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Hanover by canoeing, strolling through Pine Park and hanging out on the Green.

DS: What is your favorite place on campus?
RB: Burnham Field is my favorite place on campus because it is one of the country’s most beautiful collegiate soccer fields. It makes me feel so humbled every time I set foot on the field thinking about all of the great players that have previously competed there.

DS: What was it in the recruiting process that sold you on Dartmouth?
RB: Dartmouth’s natural beauty along with its compact, centralized campus were key selling points in the recruiting process, but as a student-athlete with aspirations of studying abroad, Dartmouth’s D-Plan was the deal closer. The D-Plan enabled me to study abroad this past winter in Barcelona, an incredibly enriching experience for which I am forever grateful!

If you could play another sport at Dartmouth, what would it be and why?
RB: If I could play another sport at Dartmouth it would be basketball. I have played point guard ever since I was old enough to dribble a basketball and I absolutely love the game and its non-stop action and excitement.

DS: What show do you binge watch?
RB: As a pre-med student who aspires to become an orthopedic surgeon and also likes drama, I suppose it comes as no surprise that I love binge watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

DS: If you participate in any service activities, what are they and how did you get involved?
RB: Ever since my freshmen fall, I have volunteered for ASPIRE, a program for autistic children in which we engage in different activities with the children to help promote their social and cognitive learning. In high school, I taught disabled and autistic children how to swim and when I arrived at Dartmouth I was determined to involve myself in a similar service activity. It is so gratifying to help these children and it has been my honor to serve as the leader of the program during my sophomore summer.

DS: Outside of sports, what are you most passionate about?
RB: Family (including my dog) and friends are really important to me, and I am extremely passionate about building and growing relationships. At Dartmouth, I am also passionate about my participation in Dartmouth EMS, Dartmouth College Hillel and my commitment to volunteering.

DS: Who has had the greatest influence on your life?
RB: I have to credit each of my three older sisters for helping me and guiding me in the right direction throughout my life. I grew up always wanting to follow in their footsteps and as a result I started playing sports at a young age because I didn’t want to be excluded from playing with them. Athletically, my club soccer team had a great influence on me because it taught me the true meaning of the cliché, “there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’.” My club teammates and I shared a passion for the same sport, and at each training session our love for the sport and our determination to work together and improve as a team grew stronger. We were all so willing and wanting to put every ounce of effort into always improving. This influence continues to fuel my desire at Dartmouth to always be the best teammate that I can be. I am very thankful for the values that were instilled in me.