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HANOVER, N.H. – Belle Koclanes, the Gail Koziara Boudreaux '82 and Family Head Coach has named the team leaders for the upcoming 2017-18 season and they are rising seniors Emily Slagle and Andi Norman.

Both Norman and Slagle saw significant playing time last season and will look to work on improving their skills this offseason. Norman started in 13 of 26 games, averaged 7.3 points and 25 minutes per game. The Upper Arlington, Ohio native set a new career-high of 26 points at Maine last winter. Slagle appeared in 27 games with five starts and also set a new-career high with her 13-point performance at Princeton.

“Andi & Slagle have emerged as team leaders by truly embodying our Dartmouth women's basketball core values of Respect, Attitude and Preparation,” Koclanes said. “Over the past three years they have each clearly demonstrated the ability to lead themselves and their teammates in a positive and productive manner. We believe that leadership is action, not position, and so we are eager to see the action that Andi and Slagle take to help move our team forward and closer to our vision of earning an 18th championship.”

“As part of their role as team leaders, Slagle, Andi and I meet weekly with our Leadership Director, Steven Spaulding, to discuss events from the prior week and reflect on leadership lessons that may or may not have been demonstrated,” Koclanes added. “It is essential that we, as coaches, continue to guide their leadership development in order to best prepare them for this incredibly important responsibility.”

We were able to catch up with both Norman and Slagle this week to hear their thoughts on being chosen as team leaders.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a leader of this team?
Norman: It's all about service. It means being the most selfless version of myself so I can best serve my teammates and coaches. It is a very big responsibility but definitely one I feel ready for.
Slagle: I kind of look at it as being a standard bearer, and I know we have a great deal of responsibility as leaders - we see ourselves as being the ones to display and communicate the expectations of our program.

Q: What have you learned from previous team captains/leaders to help you prepare for this role?
Norman: One of the biggest things I have learned from those who came before me was that leadership is not necessarily vocal all of the time. While that often plays an important part, there are moments and ways to lead without your voice.
Slagle: Lakin Roland in particular has really taught me so much about leading, especially talking about it now with her. One thing that has really stuck for me is that I need to “lead out of love” and show everyone how much I care about them as people. Also that we (Andi and I) need to have personal relationships with each teammate - just the importance of knowing each member of the team and what motivates them.

Q: As a senior, what is one of your favorite memories thus far as you head into your final season?
Norman: One of my favorite memories thus far was beating Princeton on Senior Night last season. It was a huge stride for our program, beating a team we hadn't in several seasons and also we really came together as a team and ended on a win for Fanni Szabo who did so much for our program.
Slagle: Beating Princeton at the end of last season - it was a great way to end the season, especially for Fanni Szabo

Q: The main goal this season is to bring home banner 18 to Leede Arena, what are some of your other goals for this season?
Norman: Personally, a goal of mine is to graduate having beaten every Ivy. That just leaves Penn...
Slagle: We have goals for making it to the Palestra, and being part of the conference tournament - that is definitely something that I think of, and picture, during training. Also we want to sweep/beat opponents we have yet to beat or sweep. Finally, we want to protect our home court and go undefeated at home.