2018 Ivy League Outdoor Heptagonal Championship
Dates: May 5-6, 2018
Location: Philadelphia, Pa. | Franklin Field
2017 Finish: 5th | 60 Points

The Dartmouth women’s track & field team will be put to the test this weekend as it takes on the rest of the Ivy League at the 2018 Outdoor Heptagonal Championship. Penn is once again hosting the event at Franklin Field and the surrounding areas.

The Big Green were third after one day and finished the weekend at Yale’s Cuyler Field and Dwyer Track in fifth place with 60 points.

• Dartmouth had four All-Ivy League performances at Yale in 2017 with Cha’Mia Rothwell (100m Hurdles) and Olivia Wiener (Javelin) each winning their respective events.
Bridget Douglas was second in the javelin, while Helen Schlachtenhaufen was the runner up in the 1500m to give both Second Team honors.

Here is the list of Dartmouth student-athletes in the top-six (scoring places at Heps meets) of their respective events this spring:
• 200m: Cha'Mia Rothwell | 24.03 | 5th
• 800m: Abby Livingston | 2:08.20 | 5th
• 1500m: Bridget Flynn | 4:24.81 | 6th
• 5000m: Julia Stevenson | 16:14.58 | 2nd
• 100mH: Cha'Mia Rothwell | 13.026 | 1st
• 3000m Steeplechase: Julia Stevenson | 10:18.36 | 3rd
• 3000m Steeplechase: Lauren Sapone | 10:26.45 | 5th
• High Jump: Maria Garman | 1.72m | 5th
• Pole Vault: Brooke Brunet | 3.95m | T-1st
• Pole Vault: Julia Valenti | 3.95m | T-1st
• Pole Vault: Olivia Goodwin | 3.85m | 4th
• Long Jump: Cha'Mia Rothwell | 6.23m | 1st
• Hammer Throw: Amelia Ali | 50.06 | 6th
• Javelin: Olivia Wiener | 46.63m | 1st
• Heptathlon: Maria Garman | 4824 | 2nd

Those looking to follow the action this weekend in the City of Brotherly Love can do so on the Ivy League Network as well as ESPN+. Both days will be carried live on the two video services. The Ivy League will also provide live updating results throughout the weekend.

Below is a complete list of the Big Green women and their events of competition this weekend.

Event/Name Mark Meet Date
100m Dash:      
Nicole Deblasio 12.19 Mark Young Invitational 4/7/18
200m Dash:      
Cha'Mia Rothwell 24.03 UCF Black and Gold Challenge 3/16/18
Nicole Deblasio 24.59 Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
800m Run:      
Abby Livingston 2:08.20 Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
Claire Dougherty 2:10.53 FSU Relays 3/23/18
Annalisa Crowe 2:13.20 Sam Howell Invitational 4/6/18
Alexa Jennings 2:13.34 UMASS Pre-Conference 4/28/18
Eliza Dekker 2:13.14 MASS Pre-Conference 4/28/18
1500m Run:      
Georgia Fear 4:31.68 Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
Grace Thompson 4:34.27 Sam Howell Invitational 4/6/18
Lauren Archer 4:35.51 Sam Howell Invitational 4/6/18
Bridget Flynn 4:24.81 Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
Bridget O'Neill 4:26.63 Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
5000m Run:      
Lillian Anderson 16:37.91 Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
Olivia Lantz 16:57.30 Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
Glennis Murphy 16:54.93 Larry Ellis Invitational 4/20/18
Julia Stevenson 16:14.58 Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
10,000m Run:      
Lillian Anderson No Time - -
Leigh Moffett No Time - -
100m High Hurdles:      
Cha'Mia Rothwell 13.26 Virginia Challenge 04/20/18
3000m Steeplechase:      
Lauren Sapone 10:26.45 Larry Ellis Invitational 4/20/18
4 x 400m Relay:      
- 3:55.47 FSU Relays 3/23/18
4 x 800m Relay:      
- No Time    
High Jump:      
Maria Garman 1.72m FSU Relays 3/23/18
Camille Landon 1.69m Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
Pole Vault:      
Julia Valenti 3.95m FSU Relays 3/23/18
Olivia Goodwin 3.85m George Davis Invitational 4/21/18
Brooke Brunet 3.95m Dartmouth Outdoor Invitational 4/13/18
Long Jump:      
Cha'Mia Rothwell 6.23m Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
Triple Jump:      
Folasade Akinfe No Distance - -
Shanthi Hiremath 11.13m George Davis Invitational 4/21/18
Shot Put:      
Amelia Ali   No Distance -
Lily Lockhart 13.71m Virginia Challenge 4/20/18
Samantha Stevens 13.17m Mark Young Invitational 4/07/18
Discus Throw:      
Amelia Ali 38.21m George Davis Invitational 4/21/18
Lily Lockhart 44.39m UMASS Pre-Conference 4/28/18
Hammer Throw:      
Amelia Ali 50.06m UMASS Pre-Conference 4/28/18
Alexandra Collins 49.12m George Davis Invitational 4/21/18
Lily Lockhart 47.70m UMASS Pre-Conference 4/28/18
Bridget Douglas 41.19m FSU Relays 3/23/18
Olivia Wiener 46.63m FSU Relays 3/23/18
Maria Garman 4824 Sam Adams Combined Events Invitational 4/06/18
Gretta Pickett No Points - -