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Throughout the summer, will be focusing on members of the Class of 2018 who are currently in their "Sophomore Summers."

This installment features Ellie Bennett of the Dartmouth women's lacrosse team. Bennett is the third sister in her family to attend the College and play for the Big Green.

You’re the third sister to play lacrosse at Dartmouth. Was there ever a doubt you would come here?
Seeing Courtney and Eliza thrive in the program definitely provided me with a bit of bias toward Dartmouth. I started coming to games when I was 10, and by the time recruiting came around I had the pleasure of having an inside look into such an accomplished program. However, I did want to look at other schools because I knew that I couldn’t make a major life decision without comparisons. This inside look at Dartmouth set a high baseline for other schools to meet, and in the end I couldn’t find another school that met the high standards Dartmouth had engrained into my head. As I look back on the process now, there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision, and I am proud to continue on the legacy that my sisters made.

Both your parents went to and played sports for Princeton. Have you and your sisters completely converted them away from the Tigers?
While both my parents will always have Orange and Black running through their veins, they have definitely made a large conversion over to the Big Green, especially when it comes to our games. The Dartmouth-Princeton game is always filled with tension, but my sisters can attest to the fact that my father will be loud and proud on the sideline, rooting for Dartmouth well over Princeton. And thanks to our concerted effort they both now own more Dartmouth gear than Princeton, which is good because really who looks good in orange?

Where is one place on campus you love to go that may be off the beaten path a bit… a place no one really knows about?
One place that I love to go on campus is the hammock down by the river. In the shade just beyond the Ledyard canoes, the hammock is such a relaxing solitary place to clear your mind and just refresh. I would highly recommend a trip down there, especially in the early evening.

What’s a hidden talent of yours that people may not know?
Cooking! My mother has instilled her love for cooking into me, and living off campus this summer gives me a nice kitchen to cook in. This coming fall, I am also spending a month in Italy taking cooking classes, something I am super excited about!

What are your summer plans while you’re in Hanover?
I had a great start to Sophomore Summer at a friend’s lake house in Canada outside of Montreal, and hope to head back to Canada at some point in July. My family also visits a lake house on Squam Lake about an hour away in New Hampshire: we have been going since before I was born, and there are usually about 20 of us who congregate together. Other than that I am just excited to be on campus and take full advantage of the beautiful setting, such as the surrounding hiking trails, the great river and rope swings, and relax on the Green and at the farmer’s market. I am also really excited to be on campus with all the other athletes and train together. Sophomore Summer is a great time to have the focus on the incoming junior athletes, and really make a difference in our upcoming seasons.

Dog or cat person?
Can I say both? I have two adorable golden retrievers who are the dopiest and snuggliest dogs around. We also have a black cat who is begrudgingly friends with my pups. I love animals and seeing either would brighten up my day exponentially.

Best on-field memory in your first two seasons at Dartmouth?
My best on-field memory was definitely the Cornell OT win my freshman year. It was our first win of the year, and the game was a battle of grit. Both the defense and the offense were battling hard throughout the game, and seeing Jaclyn Leto’s overtime free position go in was the best feeling in the world at the time. I was so proud to have been a part of that game, and that feeling drives me during tough games.