Training Videos
Courtesy: Dartmouth
          Release: 05/07/2012
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                                                                  Teaching Videos



Shoulder Pre-hab

Med Ball

hurdles over forward

heel grab  

band rear delt

overhead slam

hurdles over lateral

 lunge reach

overhead band pull apart

standing side toss

hurdles over backwards

 inch worm

band W

standing alt front toss

leg swings forward 


band internal rotation

standing chest pass

leg swings lateral

 lateral lunge

stand ball oscillations

standing overhead pass

 arm circles

 heel ups

plate T Y W


 hip circles


seated thoracic mobility


 stick warm-up

 leg swing skip

 seated chin tuck to extension


 squat-alt reach-stand


 band external rotation


 knee grab

 high knee run







 Explosive Movements

 Olympic Movements

 Lower Body

 Upper Body Pulls

 box jump

 DB hang snatch

 free hand squat

 DB row

 lateral box jump

 DB push jerk

 front squat

 inverted row

 explosive step-up

 hang clean

 split squat

 standing cable row

 jump squat

 push press

 split squat front foot elevated

 standing SA cable row

 split jump

 push jerk

 split squat back foot elevated

 1 knee cable row

 standing long jump


 lateral DB split squat

 SA cable pulldown



 DB lateral lunge

 under grip cable pulldown



 BB step-up




 single leg bench squat










 Upper Body Push




 rack scap push-up




 rack push-up




 DB bench




 alt DB bench




 DB incline




 alt DB incline




standing DB military