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Sheehy Appointed to NCAA Championships Cabinet

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HANOVER, N.H. - Dartmouth Director of Athletics Harry Sheehy is one of 10 college athletics administrators who have been newly appointed to serve on the NCAA Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet, the NCAA has announced. The four-year term began July 1 and will extend to 2016.

The 31-member Cabinet, which represents all of the multisport athletic conferences in the NCAA, oversees the Division I Championships and provides leadership at a national level for Division I sports programs, sports committees and sports issues committees. The NCAA Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet is one of six Division I cabinets to report to the Leadership Council and Legislative Council.

Committees that report to the Championships/Sports Management Cabinet include: Competition Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports; Olympic Sports Liaison Committee; Rules Committee; Rules Oversight Panel (information purposes); all sport committees; and football, men's basketball and women's basketball issues committees.

The Cabinet meets twice annually, in February and September, with a conference call in June if needed.

Sheehy, who will serve as the Cabinet's Ivy League Representative, is entering his third year as Dartmouth's athletic director. During his tenure, he has guided the establishment of the Dartmouth Peak Performance (DP2) initiative, a program designed to position students to achieve the highest levels of physical, intellectual and personal growth during their careers as student-athletes.