Torso Plyos

knee grab to lunge reach

side plank standing long jump
heel grab to reverse lunge twist front plank bench hops
heel grab to cross behind side plank w/abduction russian box
knee grab to lateral lunge 3 point front plank jump squats
lateral split squat alt front plank line step over
  hip lift w/med ball squeeze explosive step-ups
  single leg hip lift lateral explosive step-ups
  PB push-up hold (hands on ball) mini hurdle hops
  partner PB push-up hold quick feet on platform
  PB russian twist  
  PB roll-out  
  Double Leg Hip Bridge  
Olympic Lifts Lower Body Upper Body
hang clean front squat


hang snatch

back squat incline bench
block snatch split squat close grip bench
DB hang snatch single leg bench squat alt DB bench
push jerk single leg squat stand BB military
split jerk reverse lunge alt DB military
DB push and split jerk lateral lunge SA landmine press
  lateral split squat alt landmine catch
Stick Handling BB step-up DB bench
Shooting BB cross over step-up inverted rope row
Cupping Step-up to reverse lunge DB row
Bundje Cord RDL BB row
Bench-Boxes   undergrip BB row
Weights   SA cable row
Footwork   1 knee cable row
Flipping   SA DB military