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SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y.  – On a clear day with good racing conditions, Dartmouth women's rowing faced No. 15 Radcliffe and No. 17 Syracuse at the O'Leary Cup.

“We were happy to be on a great race course this weekend and to face even better competition from Syracuse and Harvard,” head coach Linda Muri said. “We continued to see improvements in the V4s during the regatta, and with more time on the water, we hope to see similar strides across the program.”

With a 4-8 mph cross headwind that increased as the morning went on, the day began with the racing of the second varsity. Syracuse was first (6:29.6) and was followed by Radcliffe (6:32.2) and Dartmouth (6:55.8). In the first varsity, the Big Green took third (6:41.7), finishing behind the Orange in first place (6:23.9) and the Black and White in second (6:28.9).

Dartmouth placed third in the varsity four race (7:46.2), following closely behind Syracuse (7:32.7) and Radcliffe (7:34.5). The Orange claimed another win in the third varsity, finishing in 6:56.9, while the Black and White were second (7:01.8) and the Big Green were third (7:49.9).

Radcliffe took the final two races, the B4 and C4. Dartmouth rowed an 8:03.8 in the B4, while its 8:13.6 in the C4 was just nine seconds slower than the Black and White in first.

On Saturday, April 22, Dartmouth will host its only home event of the spring, taking on Princeton.

Katie Erdos (C), Kate Griffiths (S), Elisabeth Fawcett (7), Sabrina Bohrer (6), Rebecca Conway (5), Isabella St. Onge (4), Cara Cavanaugh (3), Carin Carroll (2), Nora Masler (B)

Jasmine Williams (C), Ciara Gaffney (S), Sophia Stone (7), Olivia Bono (6), Harriet Van Metre (5), Jenna Thompson (4), Natalie Knight (3), Ariana Wetzel (2), Simone Framson (B)

Josie Pearce (C), Addie McKenzie (S), Justeen Komok (7), Alexsandra Stankard (6), Emma Gustafson (5), Klara Barbarossa (4), Kniya DéDé (3), Shannon Kossman (2), Louisa Greenburg (B)

Julia Granito (C), Samantha Hawley (S), Rebecca Thomson (3), Miranda Gish (2), Emily Carney (B)

Audrey Scott (C), Sarah Caplice (S), Mary Kate Milway (3), Anne Blackburn (2), Jackie McInerney (B)

Nitya Thakore (C), Sophie Palmer (S), Brianna Ager (3), Maggie Stiefvater (2), Grace Ryan (B)