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Crew Participates In Princeton 3-Mile Chase Regatta On Sunday

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By Max Goldberg
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PRINCETON, N.J. – The Dartmouth crew teams completed the fall portion of its schedule at the 2013 Princeton 3-Mile Chase over the weekend.

 The men’s heavyweight 8+ participated with three boats in the race and placed, 36th, 40th and 42nd overall.  Dartmouth’s top boat boat, which placed 36th finished in 13:43.49, but due to a 30-second penalty officially ended at 14:13.49. The Dartmouth “C” boat placed 40th and finished in 14:20.69 and the Dartmouth “B” boat finished at 14:24.92. 

Of the 57 vessels competing in the heavyweight 8+, the Big Green defeated ivy boats from Columbia and Princeton.  The heavyweight 4+ finished in 24th and the Dartmouth “B” placed 27th, in 15:47.67 and 15:48.71, respectively.

In the lightweight division, the Big Green 8+ raced two squads and finished 12th with the “A” boat at 14:07.38 and 29th with the “B” boat at 15:56.88.  The Big Green’s “A” boat defeated top boats from Georgetown and Harvard.  The lightweight 4+ top boat finished 12th at 15:48.60, just ahead of Navy. The other thee Big Green boats finished 24th, 26th and 28th.

The women’s varsity 8+ saw a top-10 finish by the Big Green, placing ninth at 15:11.56.  The top-10 finish allowed Dartmouth to overcome competition from Cornell, Penn, Duke, Columbia and Oregon State. 

The Dartmouth “B” finished 17th. The Big Green had a tremendous showing in the varsity 4+ race, with two vessels finishing in the top-10 and the third in 11th. The Dartmouth “A” crossed in 16:45.54 and the “B” boat in 17:02.67. The Green and White’s “C” boat finished a few tenths of a second behind Cornell for the final spot in the top-10.  The final Dartmouth crew took 17th.

The Big Green will now prepare for the spring season, beginning in April.