SEATTLE – The Dartmouth women’s crew team sent its first varsity eight and second varsity eight to the West coast to participate in the Windermere Cup Opening Day regatta hosted by Washington on Saturday (May 4).

Dartmouth’s second varsity eight placed third in the Erickson Cup race while the first varsity eight took third in the Windermere Cup race. Additionally, the Big Green faced off in the Parent Cup race with Cornell in Seattle, with the Big Red claiming the Parents Cup for the second consecutive season.

"The Windermere Cup is an amazing event," said head coachWendy Levash."Our teams were given first class treatment and made to feel very welcome by Washington and Windermere Real Estate.  The race itself was also thrill. There were tons of fans, boats everywhere and so much excitement down the race course. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience for our teams."

Washington swept both races and picked up their seventh consecutive Windermere Cup victory in the first varsity eight race. The Huskies crossed the finish line with a time of 6:55.3, ahead of the second-place crew from Cornell, who had a time of 7:06.3. The Big Green weren’t far off the pace of Cornell and took third with a time of 7:08.9. Portland rounded out the race with a time of 7:19.6.

In the main event, the Huskies again dominated and won the race with a time of 6:35.6, a time which was 11 seconds faster the runner-up Cornell’s time of 6:46.2. Dartmouth rounded out the race with a time of 6:57.3.

"Washington is a remarkable program and it was an honor to line up next to them on their home course.  Cornell rowed an impressive race and did a better job of handling the challenges that go along with this event than we did.  Our young team learned a lot about what is required to earn a spot in the national rankings."

The Big Green also sent two fours and a third varsity eight to Ithaca, N.Y., to race the Big Red. Cornell won the first varsity four in a very close race. Cornell edged out the Big Green by two seconds, crossing the finish line with a time of  7:38.6 to Dartmouth’s 7:40.5.

Syracuse won the second varsity four and the third varsity eight races. The second varsity eight race was close throughout, but the Orange pulled away late edging Cornell with a time of 7:32.8. Exactly two seconds faster than the Cornell crew. The Dartmouth crew was third with a time of 7:53.4.

The third varsity eight race was pretty tight throughout, but the Orange used another late surge to take that race as well. Syracuse crossed the finish line with a time of 6:54.5 . Cornell was next with a time 6:59.2, while Dartmouth rounded out the racing with a time of 7:06.8.

Dartmouth will take some time off before heading to the Ivy League Championship on May 19 in Camden, N.J.

 Results (Windermere Cup)
Varsity Eight
Washington                           6:35.6
Cornell                                    6:46.2
Dartmouth                             6:57.3

Second Varsity Eight

Washington                           6:55.3
Cornell                                   7:06.3
Dartmouth                             7:08.9
Portland                                 7:19.6

First Varsity Four (at Cornell)
Cornell                                    7:38.6
Dartmouth                              7:40.5

Second Varsity Four
Syracuse                                 7:32.8
Cornell                                     7:34.8
Dartmouth                                7:53.4

Third Varsity Eight
Syracuse                                 6:54.5
Cornell                                    6:59.2
Dartmouth                               7:06.8

Dartmouth Lineups
First Varsity Eight
C Carly Rauh
8 Abby Stevenson
7 Anna Harty
6 Kelly Kennedy
5 Juliet Hollingsworth
4 Lilly Maguire
3 Margo Cox
2 Annie Gardner
1 Sarah Rutter

Second Varsity Eight
C Bianca Jackson
8 Lilly Fleischmann
7 Molly Reckford
6 Morgan Weller
5 Caroline Allan
4 Eva Munday
3 Abby Thornburg
2 Lauren Dahlberg-Seeth
1 Maya Schechter

First Varsity Four
C Janine Jablonski
4 Catherine Most
3 Kate Hamilton
2 Caroline Estill
1 Sarah McGowan

Second Varsity Four
C Mackenzie Garrity
4 Molly Leen
3 Gianna Guarino
2 Arenne Clark
1 Julietta Gervase

Third Varsity Eight
C Shiali Lum
8 Kate Hamilton
7 Molly Leen
6 Sarah McGowan
5 Caroline Estill
4 Gianna Guarino
3 Arenne Clark
2 Julietta Gervase
1 Lindsay Seewald