BOSTON, Mass. - The Dartmouth women's crew, fresh off a win in the Class of 1985 Cup, dropped a close race to the Radcliffe in the annual battle for the O'Leary Cup on Saturday (April 14) on the Charles River.

The first varsity eight races were tight with six seconds separating each of the crews. Dartmouth, who won the O'Leary Cup last season, couldn't overtake a fast Radcliffe crew late. Radcliffe took top honors with a time of 6:56.8, followed by Dartmouth with a time of 6:58.2. Syracuse rounded out the race with a time of 7:01.1.

The result was the same in the second varsity eight races. Radcliffe's second varsity boat took first place with a time of 7:12.3, 16 seconds ahead of the Big Green who crossed the finish line with a time of 7:28.2. Syracuse was in third place with a time of 7:37.2.

In the varsity four races, Radcliffe claimed each race. In the first varsity four, Radcliffe took top honors with a time of 7:57.9 while Syracuse and Dartmouth rounded out the competition with times of 8:11.3 and 8:15.2.   

Dartmouth's second varsity four took second place in its race with a time of 8:22.6. Radcliffe won the race with a time of 8:15.5 while Syracuse was third with a time of 8:26.0.

The Big Green are on the road next weekend taking on Princeton and Penn in the Class of 1984 Cup races. Penn will host the races.

First Varsity Eight

1.Radcliffe -6:56.8
2. Dartmouth - 6:58.2
3. Syracuse - 7:01.1

Second Varsity Eight
1. Radcliffe- 7:12.3
2. Dartmouth - 7:28.2
3. Syracuse - 7:37.2

First Varsity Four
1. Radcliffe - 7:57.9
2. Syracuse - 8:11.3
3. Dartmouth - 8:15.2

Second Varsity Four
1. Radcliffe - 8:15.5
2. Dartmouth - 8:22.6
3. Syracuse - 8:26.0

Dartmouth Lineups
First Varsity Eight+:
Cox: Sarah Kler, Stroke: Anna Harty, 7-Hayley Daniell, 6-Juliet Hollingsworth, 5-Lilly Maguire, 4-Jamie Chapman, 3-Louisa Harrison, 2-Sarah Rutter, 1-Sarah Cohan

Second Varsity Eight +: Cox: Carly Rauh, Stroke: Ellen Sandmeyer, 7-Hannah Jeton, 6-Kelly Kennedy, 5-Mary Reckford 4-Rebecca Gollub, 3-Paige Monborne 2-Heather Oudheusden, 1-Margo Cox.

First Varsity Four +: Cox: Bianca Jackson, Stroke: Lilly Fleischmann, 3-Gianna Guarino 2-Maya Schechter, 1-Molly Leen

Second Varsity Four+: Cox: Janine Jablonski, Stroke: Lisa Luo, 3-Abby Thornburg, 2-Emily Jordan, 1-Annie Gardner