NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The Dartmouth women's crew team brought the Class of 1985 Cup back to Hanover with a win in the first varsity eight in the annual tri-race between Yale and Boston University on Saturday (April 7) afternoon. Prior to today's victory, The Big Green hadn't claimed the Class of 1985 Cup since 1998.

The marque event of the afternoon was the first varsity eight race and it featured a photo finish. Dartmouth and Yale raced each other evenly for the majority of the race before the Big Green earned the win on photo evidence. The results put the Bulldogs and Big Green crossing the finish line with the same time of 6:22.8.Boston University wasn't far behind taking third place with a time of 6:28.0.

Yale won the other four races although the Big Green didn't boat a third varsity eight. In the second varsity eight race, Yale claimed top honors with a time of 6:25.5, with Dartmouth finishing in second with a time of 6:31.4. Boston University rounded out the racing with a time of 6:42.3.

In the first varsity four race, the Bulldogs took first with a time of 7:05.8, finishing 10 seconds ahead of Boston University who earned second place with a time of 7:15.5. Dartmouth's four took third with a time of 7:21.8.  In the second varsity four, Yale edged Dartmouth in the two-boat race, crossing the finish line first with a time of 7:10.2, ahead of Dartmouth who finished second with a time of 7:23.7.

The Big Green are on the road next weekend battling for the O'Leary Cup when they take on Radcliffe and Syracuse on the Charles River in Boston, Mass.


First Varsity Eight
1.Dartmouth -6:22.8
2. Yale - 6:22.8
3. Boston University - 6:28.0

Second Varsity Eight
1. Yale - 6:25.5
2. Dartmouth - 6:31.4
3. Boston University - 6:42.3

First Varsity Four
1. Yale - 7:05.8
2. Boston University - 7:15.5
3. Dartmouth - 7:21.8

 Second Varsity Four
1. Yale - 7:10.2
2. Dartmouth - 7:23.7

Dartmouth Lineups
First Varsity Eight+:
Cox: Sarah Kler, Stroke: Anna Harty, 7-Hayley Daniell, 6-Juliet Hollingsworth, 5-Lilly Maguire, 4-Jamie Chapman, 3-Kelly Kennedy, 2-Sarah Rutter, 1-Sarah Cohan

Second Varsity Eight +: Cox: Carly Rauh, Stroke: Ellie Sandmeyer, 7-Hannah Jeton, 6-Louisa Harrison, 5-Tory Wallace, 4-Abby Thornburg, 3-Mary Reckford, 2-Heather Oudheusden, 1-Margo Cox.

Third Varsity Eight +: Cox: Janine Jablonski, Stroke:Lela McCrea, 7-Tory Wallace, 6-Gianna Guarino, 5-Emily Jordan, 4-Molly Leen, 3-Lilly Fleischmann, 2-Heather Oudheusden, 1-Julie Sussman

First Varsity Four +: Cox: Bianca Jackson, Stroke: Lisa Luo, 3-Rebecca Gollub 2-Paige Monborne, 1-Lela McCrea

Second Varsity Four+: Cox: Gabrielle Mezochow, Stroke:Molly Leed 3-Maya  Schecter, 2-Lilly Fleischmann, 1-Emily Jordan