DERBY, CONN. - The Dartmouth women’s crew team raced against Boston U. and Yale on Saturday morning and finished in second place at the Yale Class of 1985 Cup.

In the 3v8, the Big Green finished in 6:55.8. Yale won the race and crossed 15 seconds ahead of the Dartmouth and nearly 40 second past Boston.

Yale also took the B4 race, but Dartmouth put together a solid finish at 7:18.0.  In the Varsity Four, the Green and White once again finished second.

The final two races of the regatta were tight between Dartmouth and Yale. The Bulldogs edged out the Upper Valley squad in the Varsity 8 and the 2nd Varsity 8.

In the 2nd Varsity B, Yale clipped the Big Green by four seconds, 6:17.6 to 6:21.8 and in the Varsity 8, Dartmouth fell by three seconds, 6:07.6 to 6:10.4.