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Year: Freshman
Hometown: Duxbury, Mass.
High School: Duxbury



Seewald attended Duxbury High school in Duxbury, Mass…competed on the women’s crew team from sophomore through senior year in high school…daughter of Jeffrey and Sarianna Seewald and has one brother…plans to study engineering at Dartmouth.

Q & A with Lindsay Seewald


Why Dartmouth?


As soon as I visited Dartmouth, I knew that it was the right school for me.  What really drew me to the school were the people.  Dartmouth students seem to be more enthusiastic, friendly, and happy than students at any other school.  Also, I have never met a Dartmouth alum who did not absolutely love their time here.


How long have you been rowing and what interested you in rowing?


I started rowing my freshman year of high school.  I had been a competitive gymnast and horseback rider for most of my life so I wanted to try a team sport.  I immediately knew rowing was the perfect fit for me because I loved being on the water and really enjoyed the team atmosphere.


What is something that might come as a surprise to your teammates?


I haven’t watched most Disney movies because, when I was little, I thought they were really scary.


What extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus outside of rowing?


As of now, I am involved in DHE (Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering) and I am a tutor.  In the future, I hope to get involved with research and I intend to study abroad.


What are your future plans, if any?


Right now, I am not completely sure.  I am considering either being premed or majoring in engineering but I may end up doing something entirely different.


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