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Caroline Allan
Position: Rower
Year: Junior
Hometown: Austin, Texas
High School: Westlake High School

Q & A with Caroline Allan


Why Dartmouth?

I chose Dartmouth because I got the best vibes from it. I love the nature here, and the coaching is awesome.

How long have you been rowing and what interested you about rowing?

This is my 5th year rowing. I have always loved being around water and I heard great things about it from friends and family so I tried a camp and fell in love.

What is something about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates?

People might be surprised that I throw up before almost every race I do. Some erg tests as well.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus?

Besides rowing? None so far. Next year I really want to be a UGA.

What are your future plans, if any?

My (tentative) plans so far are to spend 5 years double majoring in engineering and economics.