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Year: Sophomore
Hometown: West Chester, Pa.
High School: Malvern Preparatory


Why Dartmouth? 
I chose Dartmouth academically because it is one of the best schools in the country for undergraduate education. It's D-Plan and trimester scheduling allows me to approach my undergraduate education in an alternative way, giving me a unique experience that is different from the typical four year college.  Athletically, I chose Dartmouth because it has excellent facilities for its sports teams.  The coaching staff impressed me when I visited and consequently the program is on an upward trajectory.  Dartmouth's beautiful and natural campus was also a major reason for my decision.  These three aspects combined together made choosing Dartmouth easy.

How long have you been rowing and what got you interested?
I actually got interested in rowing as a result of multiple injuries in other sports freshmen year of high school.  After getting injured in both football and basketball, I wanted to find a sport that would be competitive and would not likely get me injured.  Having a Dad who rowed also pushed me towards the decision to go out for the team freshmen spring.  I have been rowing pretty much year round since that spring four years ago.

Have you won any awards?
My Junior and Senior year of high school, I won the team's Sportsmanship award.

Future Plans?
At Dartmouth, I plan to major in Economics while also fulfilling my Pre-Med requirements for Medical School.  I am interested in Medical Economics and possibly seeking a career in which I could incorporate Medicine and Business.  An MBA-MD program is something I am strongly considering taking on after Dartmouth.

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