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Year: Senior
Hometown: San Mateo, Calif.
High School: Aragon HS


Why Dartmouth?

Dartmouth was the one school that had everything I was looking for: a great crew team, top-notch academics, and even the opportunity to study abroad without sacrificing my chance to row. Also, it's especially exciting to row for Dartmouth, because we're an up and coming team. I get the chance to see exactly how the work we put in helps us build toward greater and greater things. Last year, we had an extremely successful season, and next year should be even better.

How long have you been rowing and what got you interested in rowing?

Six years. My dad rowed briefly in college, and he suggested I try out crew. I  had tried pretty much every other sport on earth up to that point, but once I  tried crew, I knew I'd found the sport for me.

Tell me something interesting about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates.

I don't know my natural hair color and my favorite food is peanut butter captain crunch cereal.

What are your future plans, if any?

I hope to study law eventually, but I don't want to go to grad school right out of college. I've always wanted to do two and a half years in the Peace Corps, so hopefully I can do that before going back to school.
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