HANOVER, N.H. - The Dartmouth men's lightweight crew team opened its home racing slate by claiming its third consecutive Durand Cup over Ivy League foe, Yale, on Saturday (April 21).

Dartmouth won the cup by taking victory in the first varsity eight. The Big Green crew crossed the finish line with a time of 6:03.6 ahead of the Bulldog crew who finished with a time of 6:09.1.

"It was a very exciting race in the first varsity eight," said head coach Dan Roock. "Our crew actually got down to Yale at the start but in the later part of the race we were able to keep our speed and move through the Yale crew, which really spoke to our crews ability to keep composure and win the race."

 The Bulldogs took victory in the other three races, including the second varsity eight and the varsity four. All racing took place on the Connecticut River with minimal current and a variable headwind.

 In the second varsity eight race, Yale cruised to an open water victory over the Big Green, crossing the finish line with a time of 6:14.7, 10 seconds ahead of the Dartmouth crew that crossed with a time of 6:24.3.

The race was much closer in the varsity four. Yale, who boated two boats, claimed victory with a time of 7:14.4, ahead of the Dartmouth boat that placed second with a time of 7:18.9. Yale "B" boat took third with a time of 7:56.8.

 Yale dominated the freshman race, taking first with a time of 6:19.4. Dartmouth, which boated two freshman boats, finished in second and third with times of 6:38.4 and 6:50.6

 Dartmouth continues the weekend on Sunday (April 22) when they welcome Columbia. Racing gets underway at 10 a.m. on the Connecticut River. The crews will battle for the Subin Cup.

First Varsity Eight

1. Dartmouth - 6:03.6
2. Yale -6:09.1

Second Varsity Eight
1. Yale - 6:14.7
2. Dartmouth - 6:24.3

Varsity Four
1. Yale A - 7:14.4
2. Dartmouth - 7:18.9
3. Yale B- 7:56.8

Freshmen Eight
1. Yale - 6:19.4
2. Dartmouth - 6:384
3. Dartmouth 2F - 6:50.6

Dartmouth Lineups
First Varsity 8 +:
Cox Andrea Daley, Stroke: Josh Konieczny, 7- Henry Luehrman, 6- Ian Accomando, 5-Josh Sans, 4-Lowell Reeve, 3 -Colin Heneghan, 2-Phil Grisdela, Bow- Sam Morris

Second Varsity 8+: Cox Megan Jang, Stroke-Rajas Kane, 7-Ryan Archer, 6-Brendan Murphy, 5-Brian Frake, 4-Hank Savage, 3-Drew Wong 2-Ken Greim, Bow-Eric Edelstein

Third Varsity 4 +:  Cox Liz Aviv, Stroke-Jackson Berler, 3-Peter Lee, 2 -Chase Weidner, Bow-Hunter Kappel

First Freshmen 8+: Cox: Liz Treacy, Stroke: Austin Moore, 7 -James Mock, 6 - Julian Danziger, 5-Paul Frasel, 4 -Brendan Goldrick, 3- Doug Payne, 2 -Bassel Zikry, Bow- Chris Calkins

Second Freshmen 8+: Cox: Suyash Bulchandani, 8- Nash Lamoyeux, 7- Zachary Queen 6-Wills Russell, 5-Hunter van Adelsberg, 4-Rob Meyer, 3- Jamie Yang, 2- Christian Chai, Bow: Zach Nelson