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Big Green Crews Row at Princeton Chase

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The Big Green rowed at the Princeton Chase.     By Jim Aulenback
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PRINCETON, N.J. - The Dartmouth crew teams were back on the water on Sunday (Oct. 28) at the annual Princeton Chase race hosted by the Princeton Tigers.

The Big Green had a good day highlighted by the two top 10 performances from the Dartmouth women. The Big Green took seventh place in the novice eight with a time of 16:23.163, trailing the winners from Virginia by just 7.55 seconds. The varsity four also took seventh place with a time of 16:33.861 trailing boats from Syracuse, Princeton and Cornell. Princeton's top boat took top honors with a time of 15:58.848. Dartmouth's varsity eight took 30th.  

A 12th-place finish from the freshman eight paced the heavyweight men. The Big Green crew crossed the finish line with a time of 13:33.331 just 5.45 seconds off of the Princeton team that won the event with a time of 12:51.299. The Dartmouth eight crossed the line with a time of 13:07.345, good for 20th place.

In the lightweight competition Dartmouth's top boat took 17th place with a time of 13:21.062, 6.2 seconds off of Harvard who won the race with a time of 12:35.609. The freshman eight took 14th with a time of 13:40.20 and was the fourth lightweight boat to cross the line in the mixed race.

The Dartmouth crew teams close the fall slate with the annual Green Monster Freshman Invitational hosted by the Big Green on the Connecticut River on Saturday (Nov. 3).

Dartmouth Results

Heavyweight Men
Eight + (A):  
13:07.345 (20th)
Eight + (B):
14:25.580 (46th)
Freshman Eight +: 13:33.331 (12th)
Four + (B):
14:52.990 (30th)
Four + (A):
15:02.234 (32nd)
Four +(C):
15:06.102 (36th)

Lightweight Men
13:21.062 (17th)
Freshman Eight +: 13:40.202 (14th)
Four + (A):
15:06.925 (20th)
Four + (B):
15:37.142 (24th)
Four + (C):
16:24.691 (29th)

Eight+ (A):
14:59.274 (30th)
Eight + (B):
15:12.965 (34th)
Novice Eight +: 16:23.163 (7th)
Four + (A): 16:33.861 (7th)
Four + (B): 17:02.807 (18th)
Four + (C): 17:27.973 (24th)


Havyweight Men

Freshman 8+: Cox: Greg Zales, Stroke: Jake Esse, 7-John Cresap, 6-Bobby Moffitt, 5-Jamie Billings, 4-Artie Santry, 3-Fred Day, 2- Mac Keyser, 1- Sam Seder

Second Varsity 8+: Cox: Erica McGale, Stroke: Sam Seehof, 7-Tim Brown, 6-Max Kinne, 5-Robert Truesdale, 4-Bryce Cody, 3-John Strizich, 2-Rahul Raina, 1-Paul Champeau

Varsity Eight +: Cox: Ellie Levey, Stroke: Andrew Kenealy, 7-Quinn Harper 6-Ryan Ganong, 5-Richard Newsome-White, 4-Stuart Maeder, 3-David Mulrey, 2-Henry Franco , 1-Bryan Rogers

Varsity Four+- Cox: Julia Herringer, Stroke: Andrew Kenealy, 3-Richard Newsome-White, 2-Stuart Maeder, 1- Quinn Harper

Second Varsity Four +: Cox: Reilly Bertasi, 4-Ryan Ganong, 3- David Mulrey, 2-Henry Franco, 1-Bryan Rogers

Third Varsity Four +: Cox; Ellie Levey, 4-Sam Seehof, 3-Will Johnson, 2-Max Kinne, 1- Paul Champeau

Pair A: Quinn Harper, Jake Esse
Pair B: Stuart Maeder, Richard Newsome-White
Pair C: Andrew Kenealy, David Mulrey
Pair D: Tim Brown, Mac Keyser

Varsity Eight +: Cox: Elizabeth Aviv, Stroke: Josh Konieczny, 7-Ryan Archer, 6-Evan Meisler, 5-Brian Frake, 4-Paul Frazel, 3-Hank Savage, 2-Julian Danziger, 1-Chris Calkins

Lightweight Men
Freshman Eight +: Cox: Julie Sussman, Stroke: Brad Plunkett, 7-Eliot Harper, 6-Ben Vihstadt, 5-Max Gibson, 4-Josh Schoenbart, 3-Eddie Harvey, 2-Nick Pugliaresi 1-Gates Lucas

Varsity Four +: Cox: Megan Jang, Stroke: Josh Konieczny, 3-Ryan Archer, 2-Evan Meisler, 1-Brian Frake

Second Varsity Four +: Cox: Suyash Bulchandani, Stroke: Chris Calkins, 3-Julian Danziger, 2- Robert Meyer, 1-Paul Frazel

Third Varsity Four +: Cox: Liz Treacy, Stroke: Austin Moore, 3-Nash Larmoyeux, 2-Doug Payne, 1-Christian Chai