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Year: Freshman
Hometown: Clinton, Mass.
High School: Mass. Academy of Math and Science


Q & A with Adan Rivas

Why Dartmouth?

Being from Massachusetts I wanted to go to school in New England to make traveling easy. My high school adviser recommended I look into liberal arts schools, which at the time I didn't
know what that meant but I'm glad it worked out. The term system and Hanover being a small town are good fits for me. Lastly, the sustainability programs here were a huge draw because
I'm a potential (environmental) engineer major.  

How long have I been rowing and what sparked my interest?  

I have never rowed before college, but the culture behind rowing--training wise is appealing based off my experiences from running and wrestling.

Have I won any awards?

As a rower no.

Something interesting about yourself?

During the final seconds of my first basketball game for my elementary school team during 3rd grade I launched a deep two when one my teammates fumbled the basketball and it ended up being the game winner.

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