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Year: Freshman
Hometown: Singapore
High School: Singapore American School


Q & A with Zach Nelson


Why Dartmouth?

 I have lived in congested cities my entire life and wanted a change of pace for my college education. Dartmouth's stellar academic program coupled with its tranquil, yet rugged location and friendly people drew me right in.

How long have you been rowing and what interested you about rowing?

Before coming to Dartmouth, my only exposure to rowing as watching the Winklevoss twins lose at Henley in The Social Network. I like being outside; rowing allows me to be outside for several hours every day. It was a natural fit. Like pretty much every other walk-on freshmen fall, I was also a runner in high school and rowing challenged me mentally and physically and provided me a daily break from the routine of studying.

What is something about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates?

My first language was Indonesian.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus?

I write for a publication, have an on-campus job and try to hike/climb/camp as much as I can. I am also a competitive rock-paper-scissors athlete.

What are your future plans, if any?

I usually can't plan more than a few days in advance, but after acquiring a degree in something exciting, interesting and probably irrelevant to my future profession, I tentatively plan to travel the world for a while-hoofing it and taking it day by day. Law school might be an option somewhere down the road.


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