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Year: Senior
Hometown: Niskayuna, N.Y.
High School: Niskayuna HS


Q&A with Andrea Daley


1) Why Dartmouth?
I visited kind of on a whim my senior year in high school and loved everything about Dartmouth--the location, academic and extracurricular opportunities.  Most of all the people were great, no one takes themselves too seriously and there's a great balance between doing work and having fun.

2) How long have you been rowing and what got you interested in rowing?

I started rowing when I was in 8th grade because one of my good friends told me I should try it.  My freshmen year in high school I also started coxing, and I've been doing both ever since.  I missed the sport when I got to Dartmouth so I decided to walk on to the team as a coxswain.

3) Have you won any academic or rowing awards recently?
No, not since high school.

4) Tell me something interesting about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates.
I'm really good at the board game Clue. I haven't lost in 4 years. Maybe I should be a detective when I grow up...

5) What other activities do you participate in on campus?
I'm a UGA for freshmen, study group leader, and I'm a member of Kappa Delta sorority.

6) What are your future plans, if any

Hopefully being an economics major will get me somewhere, but I'm not really sure yet where that might be.

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