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Year: Senior
Hometown: Great Falls, Va.
High School: T. Jefferson HS for Science & Technology


Q&A with Phillip Grisdela

1) Why Dartmouth?
Being at Dartmouth has been an incredible experience for me, and I can't imagine being anywhere else. Dartmouth's beautiful campus and tight-knit community were two of the major reasons that I came here.

2) How long have you been rowing and what got you interested in rowing?
I have been rowing since my freshman year of high school after running cross country in the fall. My dad got me interested by saying it was another endurance sport, and once I started I was hooked.

3) Tell me something interesting about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates.

After a bike accident when I was 8 years old that resulted in surgery I didn't ride a bike until I graduated high school, when I participated in an Olympic-distance triathlon.

4) What other activities do you participate in on campus?

I am a history major and am pursuing pre-med while being a brother at Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity and an undergraduate advisor.

5) What are your future plans, if any.

I hope to go to medical school after graduating Dartmouth.

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