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Dartmouth Softball: Women In The Workforce - Bianca Smith (11-12)

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By David Silverman(
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This week we are highlighting Bianca Smith. Bianca joined the team as a walk-on and made 17 appearances for the Big Green with her speed. A Texas native whose parents both attended Dartmouth, Smith was involved in everything that she could possibly fit in to her schedule.  She was on the cheer team, worked with the Dartmouth Sports Network and DTV, was involved with the Sports Business at Dartmouth club, the Ivy Sports Business Network and served as a campus tour guide.

What I do now:

I had a couple of setbacks during my first two years at Dartmouth, but it was those setbacks that made me realize just how much I love to be involved in sports, and not just playing them.  During my junior and senior years, if I wasn’t playing softball I was cheering with the Cheer Team, helping out the baseball team, working in the athletics marketing department, producing a hockey game, or running my sports business group.  I realized that this was the industry I belonged in and wanted to stay in for as long as possible.

Currently I have two very important positions: an MBA candidate at Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland, Ohio and the Director of Baseball Operations for the Case Western Reserve University Spartans.  I get the best of both worlds, utilizing the skills that I learn in my MBA program to assist the school’s baseball team, while also building my resume in the sport that I want to continue my career in.  As with most of my past positions, I created the Director position by contacting the baseball coach about helping out the team and everyday I get to add on more responsibilities.  I am also hoping to pursue my law degree while I am here.

What Dartmouth Softball did for me:

There are really no words to describe Dartmouth Softball, or maybe too many words.  I got to play and bond with a great group of girls that came from different backgrounds and aspired to do amazing things after college.  From waking up at 5 am for lift, to going to classes and labs, to eating dinner together after a 5 pm practice, to studying in the library until midnight (or on the bus if we were in season), these girls did it all.  I was more than inspired to work harder, not only for myself but for them, in order to not let them down.

One of the biggest things that I took away was mental toughness and perseverance.  I walked on in the middle of my junior year, already a weird time to join but also after not having played for nearly three years and originally having no intention of playing when I got to college.  That first week was the most demanding week ever, physically and mentally, but I had made a commitment and was determined to stick with it. 

Despite the pain, long weeks, and limited field time, it was all worth it in the end because I came out a better person.  I built up relationships with females who promise to make their mark in the future and learned to always push through, even when it hurts and you can’t see the end.  I learned that you can accomplish anything with hard work, discipline, and the drive to succeed, and you always have your sisters to support you.