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Wednesday, September 4

Some of the world’s most famous places never become more than pictures in a textbook for some people. They never experience standing at the foot of one of the most recognizable symbols in our global society, looking up at the majesty and beauty of a well-known building or work of architectural art.

For members of the Dartmouth men’s hockey team, its staff and family members on the current trip, several of those places will be much more than pictures in a textbook in the coming days.

After a seven-hour bus ride from Bassano del Grappa that began early Wednesday morning, the group finally made it to the final stop on our tour: Rome.

The ride did not seem as long as some of the others we have experienced in the last week and a half. Maybe it was the fact that nearly everyone in the travel party used the longest ride of the trip to catch up on sleep. It might’ve seemed shorter given the fact that we all knew what was at its conclusion.

We arrived around 4 p.m. local time and checked into our hotel, Hotel Nord Nuova Roma, in the heart of the city. From there it was a free night for everyone, time to experience one of the most historic and lively cities in the world.

Some went to the terrace in the roof for food and spectacular views of the city, including the Vatican, while others immediately went out exploring.

Not far from the hotel are many of the historic places you associate with Rome, including the Coliseum just a few short blocks from our door. But since the entire group will have a private tour on Thursday, our experiences there will have to wait another day.

For now, it is hard not to make our way back out into this beautiful city, bustling with activity.

Ruins in the city center.
The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant'Angelo.