HANOVER, N.H.- The Dartmouth heavyweight men's crew team battled Syracuse in each race for the Packard Cup, but came up just short in each of the four races on Sunday (May 20).

The Big Green and Orange had a great day for racing on Saturday with sunny skies and still winds over the 2000-meter course.

In the marquee first varsity eight race, Dartmouth was neck-in-neck with the Orange down the race course, but Syracuse used a late sprint to edge Dartmouth .The Orange crossed the line with a time of 5:28.29 just two seconds ahead of the Big Green. The win in the first varsity eight kept the Packard Cup with the Orange. Syracuse has won the last two Packard Cups.

The freshman eight race was equally as exciting as both teams went back-and -forth throughout the course of the race, but it was Syracuse the eeked out the win by just .3 seconds with a time of 5:41.15. Dartmouth crossed the finish line with a time of 5:41.4 in one of its closest races of the season.

Syracuse also claimed the second varsity eight race with a time of 5:36.29 ahead of Dartmouth who finished with a time of 5:49.6. The varsity four race was close, but the Orange earned the sweep with a time of 6:27.33, ahead of Dartmouth's 6:30.04

Dartmouth will be back on the water May 31-June 2 at the 2012 IRA National Championship in Camden, N.J.


First Varsity Eight
1. Syracuse - 5:28.29
2. Dartmouth - 5:30.90

Second Varsity Eight
1. Syracuse - 5:36.29
2. Dartmouth - 5:49.60

Freshmen Eight
1. Syracuse - 5:41.15
2. Dartmouth - 5:41.40

Third Varsity Four
1. Syracuse - 6:27.33
2. Dartmouth - 6:30.04

Dartmouth Lineups
First Varsity 8 +:
Cox: Julia Herringer Stroke: Quinn Harper, 7-Matthew Gallira, 6-Joseph Polwrek, 5-Hunter Dray, 4-John Strizich, 3-David Mulrey, 2-Tyler Maloney, 1-Brendan Stoner

Second Varsity 8+: Cox: Reilly Bertasi, Stroke: Nate Kania, 7-Jack Heise, 6-Jesse Reisner, 5-Graeme Calloway, 4-Ryan Ganong, 3-Ej Miller, 2-Michael Odokara-Okigbo, 1-Matt Oatway

Third Varsity 4+: Cox: Kristy Abo, 4-Samuel Seehof, 3-Tim Brown, 2-James Reed, 1-Max Goldberg

Freshman 8+: Cox: Alexander Steele, Stroke: Andrew Kenealy, 7-Robert Truesdale, 6- Stuart Maeder, 5- Richard Newsome-White, 4-Henry Franco, 3-Bryan Rogers, 2- Maximilian Kinne, 1- Paul Champeau