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Year: Senior
Hometown: Wheaton, Ill.
High School: Choate Rosemary Hall


Q and A with Tyler

Why Dartmouth?

The engaging professors, the brilliant students, the focus on undergraduates, the Connecticut River, the wilderness, the fraternity system, New England, the countless opportunities Dartmouth offers.

How long have you been rowing and what got you interested in rowing?

In high school every student was required to participate in some sort of extracurricular activity each term. The fall of my junior year I signed up for yoga. At the time, I couldn’t touch my toes, do the bridge pose, or maintain steady breathing. The captain of the rowing team approached me after one of those classes and asked me to give rowing a shot. It worked out well.

Have you won any academic or rowing awards recently?

Not recently. But I’ve always wanted to break an ergometer by pulling too hard. Will that get me an award?

Tell me something interesting about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates.

Allegedly, I am related to Myles Standish, a military advisor, defender of Plymouth Colony, and passenger of the Mayflower. If someday I have a wikipedia page, it won’t be as remarkable as his.
Also, one of my distant grandfathers was Native American.
So, I’m, what, 1/32 Native American and 1/347 Myles Standish?

What extra-curricular activities do you participate in here at Dartmouth?

I am on the club-hockey team, and a member of a fraternity.

What are your future plans, if any.

I’m going to be successful.

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