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Year: Senior
Hometown: Hanover, N.H.
High School: Hanover HS


1.    Where are you from and whom did you row for prior to Dartmouth?

I am from Norwich, Vermont. I attended and rowed at Hanover High. This will be my seventh year launching on the Conncecticut.

2.    Why did you choose Dartmouth and the Dartmouth Rowing Program?

A couple reasons. I wanted to go to a school with great academics. Dartmouth certainly fit the bill. I also wanted to be able to row where ever I went. In highschool, we thought Dartmouth crew was unbelievable. As a team we'd track their results in the spring and watch "Row Like Pigs" in our free time at school. Getting to row for Dartmouth coming from Hanover High was like that disney movie with Tony Danza, where a philadelphia garbage man gets to play for the Eagles.

3.    What do you participate in at Dartmouth, apart from rowing?

I'm pursuing a double major in English and History. I have been an Undergraduate Advisor for freshman, a job that I hope to occupy again in the near future, and I am currently participating in the DREAM mentorship program.

4.    Tell me something about yourself that might come as a surprise to your teammates.

In highschool I was a fairly accomplished Bagpiper. I also have an uncanny gift for mimicking bird calls.

5.    What is your best memory from rowing at Dartmouth so far?

Watching Joe Polwrek ride an erg into submission. Dartmouth's 1v winning the Packard cup for the first time since 2005, placing 4th at Sprints and 8th at IRA's.  Deadlifting 400lbsx2 last fall.

6.    What are your plans for the future?

Deadlifting 500lbsx2 this fall, and supporting the Dartmouth rowing program anyway possible as we continue to improve. Ultimately I hope to pursue a PhD. Either that or open a coffee shop.
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