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Softball Spring Break Trip Blog

Follow along as the Dartmouth softball team blogs its way across the Sunshine State during its annual spring break trip. Big Green players will share stories and photos from the trip so make sure to check in on each day to see what the Big Green are up to in Florida.

Day 1: Welcome To Florida

We had a long and tiring but successful first day in Florida! Our "morning" began at 4am when we met outside the locker room to load the bus and make sure all the equipment was packed. After a sleep-inducing bus ride to Manchester, we made it through the crowded lines and past security without a hitch.

Luckily, we had a direct flight into Tampa and arrived around 10 a.m. After finding a Starbucks at baggage claim, we re-energized and headed to lunch. We excitedly returned to our perennial favorite, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, but were disappointed to find that they discontinued our favorite sandwich: grilled flatbread with peanut butter, granola, banana and honey. The quality Blimey Limey smoothies made up for it though. Then we checked into the hotel and most of us napped before our opening game. After a quick PB&J+fruit snack break by the hotel pool, we headed to the complex to play Robert Morris.

Our first and only game of the day started and ended strong for us. Slightly exhausted from waking up early for our long day of traveling, we were able to refocus on the game and pull out the W. Rums pitched a full game against the Colonials as both teams battled throughout the full seven innings.  It was 0-0 until the 4th inning when Morgan McCalmon got on base and began the string of hits that led us to scoring three consecutive runs. We held the Colonials to a 3-0 ball game and prevailed as the winning team!

After the game we headed to one of our favorite eateries for dinner, Chipotle. Katie Adams in a flurry of excitement and hunger tripped over a curb and into a sharp bush while trying to get in through the back door. In line she made a mess with her oozing blood from her tumble. Napkins were needed. After backing up the line as well as ordering just about all the food Chipotle had, we all relaxed and ate to our heart's content. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for our postgame team meeting, and then headed off to our rooms, anxiously awaiting the moment our heads could hit our pillows for a good night's rest after a long, successful day.

Jonele Conceicao, Morgan Wharton & Alex Jarvis

Day Two: The Post-Exam Glow

The day started a little slow for the Big Green after the post-finals adrenaline wore off.  However, by the 6th inning, our bats finally joined the game, stringing some hits together, but it was too little too late.  After a fortifying meal and a two-hour retreat in the shade, the Green had all the rest they needed to push through the final game of the day against Quinnipiac.  Luckily the bats were hot, making up for some mathematical mistakes regarding outs and pitch counts.  Kristen Rumley pitched a shutout and Morgan McCalmon helped the offense with a clutch home run.  The Big Green pulled away with a 4-0 win.  Starved and exhausted, made a quick pit stop at the hotel to get some much needed ice and then headed to Panera.  After waiting impatiently for dinner, the Big Green scarfed down their meals and headed back to the hotel. It was a very early night for most and some even passed out by 8:30 (Katie Miller, I'm looking at you.) Tomorrow the team takes on Liberty and Maryland in the final two games of the tournament.


Megan Averitt

Day Three: Video Blog

In an effort to keep this new and exciting, Kristen Rumley and Brianna Lohmann dedcided to do a video blog for today's post. Take a peek, you know you want to!



Day Four: ABC's of Dartmouth Softball

Today was our off day here in Florida! We all had a great time, as you could imagine! But, instead of telling you about it, we are going to do the ABC's with Dartmouth Softball!!



Cotton pants...who thought that was a good idea in Florida?!

Do one more

EBAs in the KDE basement

Fried food (prohibition of)

Gladiator Ball

Humidity in Florida is not good for our hair

Ivy Champs 2013!!!!

Jarvy loves to harmonize

Katie' a gun

Lincoln Memorial (selfless with)

Morgan, Alex, and Rachel are the best, amiright?!

New Hampshire skin is so grim

Off day today, practice day tomorrow!!!


Quipment (forgotten often)

Tropical Smoothie it really snowing in Hanover....??

Valentine's treats, consumed by Vanover's Dog

We wished you a Merry Christmas

Xoxo, lots of love from room 202!!

Yup yup green!

Zzzzzzzzz, sleep we are finally getting now that finals are done!

Editors note: They did forget R and S in the original post above so I decided to help them out:

Run Test, Fun Test

Salisbury Steak

Alex St. Romain, Rachel Hein and Morgan McCalmon

Day Five: Rapper’s Delight

Check out this rap from the catchers, Katie Adams and Kathy Dzienkowski. The music video is below as well.The best part is the gold elevator in the background, really sets the tone:)

 The lyrics are below:

 Now this is the story all about how

D softball went crazy in this town

And we’d like to take a minute just don’t be late

We’ll tell you how we became the queens of the sunshine state


In beautiful Florida, our bodies worn

On the diamond is where we spent most of the morn

Hitting throwing and fielding never felt like a chore

We were getting all sweaty from always one more


When a couple hours passed we returned to the pad

Relaxed or swam around or hung out with dad

Our coaches said one little thing and we instantly knew

To Mugs and Jugs we would go, it felt too good to be true


Turns out that was so, because we had to leave

Instead staged a poetry slam, don’t disbelieve

The 15s and 13s gave the performances of their lives

Coaches talked it over and the seniors won the whole prize


But the best was celebrating Rhi turning twenty

All in all it was a good day and we had laughs a plenty

Tomorrow we travel to USF to play

But for now Katie and Kathy signing off for the day



Day Six: #HashTagMuch?

#happybirthdayrhi #dontshakethetable


















Hillary Hubert, Kelsey Miller & Rhiannon Saucedo

Day Seven: Dartmouth Softball: A Slam PoemPicture Collage

Last day

Long drive

To Quiznos

No, to subway

Coach says hurry



We played tough

tough loss

Salad and Starbucks

shower and sleep

Take two tomorrow

(Take two)

 Alex Jarvis, Jonele Conceicao, Morgan Wharton

 Day Eight: On the Road Again

 Today we have to leave this oasis of a hotel and travel across the sunshine state.  After a relaxed morning around the hotel, we enjoyed a traditional pregame meal at Panera Bread.

 We then began our LONG trek in the minis towards Fort Myers. In order to make our own fun, we worked on our relays in the parking lot of the gas station while the coaches were filling up.

 We then began a wild goose chase to find a sandwich shop for lunch.  Coach Hanson is always the leader of the pack so the vans followed her nose to nose trying to find a Quiznos. After driving 20 miles out of the way, the restaurant was no longer open for business. We then settled for Subway.  We began to run behind schedule on game day so we inhaled our lunch.    

 Arriving to the cages dressed and ready, we prepared for warm ups and the game against FGCU in record timing. There was definitely a large crowd in the stands because the entire state of Florida came out to support Brianna Lohmann and the Big Green!  After a great team performance, we dropped the game in extra innings 3-2.

After the game we headed to Jason's Deli which pleased our Texas folks!!! How can anyone pass up the amazing salad bar and ice cream?

 Continuing in our cluster of caravans, the coaches needed to make a pit stop at Starbucks.  They said it was so that they could stay awake for the 3 hour drive ahead of them.  After finishing the post game scouting reports while on the road, one van slept, one watched a movie and one van played multiple games in order to help their drivers stay awake.  

After a long day of travel and games, we safely found our hotel in Boca Raton and fell sound asleep and dreamt the night away.

 Join us again tomorrow to hear about our 9th day of activities.

 -Britta McOmber from Hanover

Day Nine: Dartmouth Softball Superlatives

Upon our long journey through Florida, our Spring Break trip has finally come to an end, so we thought we would send everyone off with some superlatives to mark the end of a great great week! So here goes…

 Most Likely to be in a Tornado and not know it is even happening....Katie McEachern

Most likely to fail her last term on purpose in order to stay another year....Katie Adams

Most likely to die from a heart attack from eating too much bacon....Katie Adams

Most likely to be the next star to TLC's "18 Kid's and Counting"....Britta McOmber

Most likely to publish a cookbook of desserts....Megan Averitt

Most likely to turn a innocent game of Go Fish into a fist fight....Kara Curosh

Most likely to tame a wild cat and walk it around as her pet....Kristen Rumley

Most likely to take up UFC fighting after graduation....Hillary Hubert

Most likely to become a billionaire and not know it....Rhiannon Saucedo

Most likely to quit softball and join the basketball team....Kathy Dzienkowski

Most likely to become a cadet....Brianna Lohmann

Most likely to be in an arm wrestling competition....Coach Hanson

Most likely to become an All American....Ali Hart (Oh wait, that already happened)

Most likely to create her own political party....Morgan Wharton

Most likely to work to strut her stuff at a fashion show....Kelsey Miller

Most likely to cry....always....Alex St. Romain

Most likely the voice of the infomercials that talks really fast...Morgan McCalmon

Most likely to get stuck on a deserted island and like it....Jonele Conceicao

Most likely to have a disease named after her....Jonele Conceicao

Most likely to be a judge on American Idol....Lammers

Most likely to be in a Broadway show....Alex Jarvis

Most likely to be a pageant mom...Coach Vanover

Most likely to work her angles.

^Well, duh.

 Most Likely to Make Out With a Hot Dog....

Most Likely to Be Friendly to Your Face and Then Secretly Tell Everyone That You Made Out With a Hot Dog.... that movie go!....

 -Kathy Dzienkowski, Rachel Hein, Alex Jarvis

Day Ten: Almost Time to Go Back to Hanover

Today was yet another beautiful day in Florida, though the ending is looming near as we pack up and head home tomorrow. A beautiful sunrise welcomed the team as we started Saturday morning with a (relatively) early 7:00 am wake-up call. After a breakfast of hearty bacon and hotel coffee we headed for the fields for back-to-back games against Elon and Bethune-Cookman.

The coffee proved to be a quite necessary as the Big Green beat Elon in nine innings, taking advantage of the International Tie Breaker rule, timely hitting, and a RECORD BREAKING performance from the cool Texan in the circle. Rums had 15 strikeouts, a new school record, throwing the complete game. Of course, nobody realized it until after both games, and, as per usual, Rums was very casual in learning that her name would be going down in Dartmouth athletic history.

The second game was a battle throughout, though unfortunately we were on the losing end this time. Morgan McCalmon pitched a fantastic game, shutting out Bethune-Cookman (hey, they looked familiar…) after the first inning. Kelsey Miller was a perfect 3 for 3, just a measly home run shy of matching fellow freshman Katie McEachern’s hitting for the cycle performance the day before.

Now, enough about softball. We had the honor of being invited to Kathy Dzienkowski’s babcia’s (grandma in Polish) house for dinner! All of the families were invited, Kathy’s dad slaved over a beautiful brisket, and we all stuffed ourselves silly. It was fantastic to just relax and enjoy time with all of the wonderfully supportive family and friends that have braved the beautiful sunshine and 80 degree weather to watch us play. Be sure to check out the Dartmouth Softball Facebook page for some gem photos of players and family (though some not so good ones made the cut too… thanks for that Vanover). After a wonderful evening thanks to our generous hosts (thanks again Dzienkowski’s and Babcia!) we retired back to the hotel for an early night, and possibly some quick hot tub action (what up Kara).

Bellies full and already dreaming of brisket (maybe that’s just me), we reluctantly go to bed tonight knowing it’s the last one in Florida. Tomorrow morning we will rematch FAU before we make the trek back up to the Northeast. But for now, we are going to enjoy the last hours of warm weather, softball, and no school!

Katie Adams