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Dartmouth Softball: Women In The Workforce - Hillary Barker (09-12)

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By Mark Washburn
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Our second woman in the workforce is Hillary Barker ‘12. Hillary had a terrific senior season at the plate and in the circle.  She hit .308 from the plate with 24 hits in 78 at bats.  Barker tallied five doubles, a team-best three home runs, including the first ever home run at the new Dartmouth Softball Park.  While at Dartmouth, she worked for the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and was the Director of Marketing for the Sports Business at Dartmouth club.  

What I do now:

I work as an Analyst at a company called Market Metrics. We do market research and consulting for financial services companies. I analyze large sets of data to create PowerPoints that contain actionable insights for clients. The main study I work on focuses on advisor satisfaction in the asset management space. During my time at Dartmouth, I had an internship doing analytics for an advertising agency. This helped me realize I enjoy working with numbers, as data is so necessary to make any sort of reliable claim.

How Dartmouth Softball Helped Me Be Successful:

Molly mentioned this as well, but it really is true: it's important to be able to work in teams. At Market Metrics we all belong to several small teams. Because of this we take accountability for our work as well as the work of the other people within our team. When one of us is there late, the others pitch in to help. This is crucial to get our work out in time and to make sure any one person isn't stuck with too much. It kind of reminds me of going into Leverone early to help teammates practice the run test when they hadn't passed yet. Of course in this scenario, a lot of times I was one of the people who needed help with my running abilities.

Within a work environment it is also necessary to receive and improve upon feedback. Everything in my company gets done twice: once by the creator and once by the proofer. When you get feedback from the proofer it's important to use that to progress. It's not much different than having Coach Vanover correct my spin or swing. It's how you get better at something.

Communication with coworkers and bosses is critical. Playing softball definitely helped me with this - whether it was letting the coaches know when my exams were or talking to one of my catchers on the field. Now I have to communicate about deadlines, workload, and survey ideas.

Lastly, Dartmouth softball really helped me achieve my dreams of one day being a starter on the company softball team. Without Dartmouth softball, I might have sat the bench. I may cringe every time a large male gets up to bat and I think about getting hit in the face with the ball, but I'd say my skills transfer particularly well in this environment. Next year we're hoping to win the league. I can only hope this feels as good as winning our division my freshman year at Dartmouth, but somehow I don't think it will come close.