Our first woman in the workforce is Molly Khalil ‘12.  Molly is from Seal Beach, California and concluded her Dartmouth career tied for first on Dartmouth's career home run list with 17. She was also a team captain in 2012.


After graduating from Dartmouth, I did the impossible--moved to some place even colder! I'm a Project Manager at Epic, a healthcare software company in Madison, Wis. My job is the perfect balance of learning, traveling, exploring, and helping others. I work with hospitals and corporations all around the world to streamline patient care and improve outcomes by configuring and installing Epic's Electronic Medical Record. Short version? I chat with doctors, answer emails, and fly a lot. I'm happy to be immersed in such a rapidly evolving industry, and am still getting to fulfill my dream of working in healthcare, despite my abysmal performance in BIO11.


I wouldn't trade my Dartmouth Softball experience for anything; my memories are filled with spring break trips to Florida, hulks at the Hop, and 6am run tests. Dartmouth Softball specifically taught me four skills that I value and use in my work today: teamwork, commitment, advising, and preparedness.
Project management on this scale is not a one-man-job. I work with a team of about 20 dedicated, brilliant people all working toward the same goal. Sound familiar? We work hard, share our ups and downs, and are creating memories along the way (like that time we went to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting or the Senators ice hockey game in Ottawa).

Although tearing my ACL senior year sidelined me, it allowed me to contribute to the team in other ways. I was able to explore the mental side of the game and pass along what I had learned to my fellow teammates. I value these mentoring relationships, and am lucky to be able to have similar conversations today as I help software developers, colleagues, and hospital administrators make educated decisions and learn about complex technology.

Dartmouth, Softball, and Hanover, N.H. all hold a special place in my heart, and I'm grateful for the three years I spent on the field and one on the bench. GBG!