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Futbols for Fambul Tok

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By Dartmouth
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Donate to help aid peace-building and reconciliation efforts in Sierra Leone through soccer!

Come to the Dartmouth Men's Soccer home game against Columbia on Saturday October 26th at 7pm. Bring a new or used soccer ball to donate and get in free!  For those who do not have balls, donations will also be collected to help with shipping and buying more balls.  All donations will go %100 towards helping the children of Sierra Leone.  

By working in partnership with Fambul Tok International (an NGO dedicated to advancing peace by mobilizing ordinary people—entire communities ravaged by war—in the hard work of reconciliation) Futbol's for Fambul Tok uses the unifying power of futbol (soccer) to bring together people and communities who have been torn apart by armed conflict.

Futbol for Fambul Tok was started in the Spring of 2013 by Dartmouth '14, Gabe Hoffman-Johnson.

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Futbols for Fambul Tok

It all started with an idea I had, spring of my junior year.  We were discussing the concept of added value in my Business Management and Strategy course.  By definition the term describes the difference between the price of a finished product or service and the cost of the inputs involved in making it.  In other words, how much value is each input worth?  The concept really struck me as being applicable, not just as a business concept, but to myself in the ‘real world’ outside of my school and immediate relationships.  I began to think about my own personal added value on a much greater scale, and what major contributions I brought to the table outside of my day-to-day activities.  I couldn’t come up with anything!  This realization is what motivated me to come up with a way to actually make a difference in peoples lives.  Futbols For Fambul Tok was born! 

At the most basic level the goal of this ‘program’ is to provide soccer balls for young children in Sierra Leone.  However, I believe it is also a great way to educate the College and the surrounding New Hampshire community, uniting them for a good cause.  Maybe even motivate others to increase their added value!  My freshman year I was able to get the College to host a showing of the Fambul Tok film, which was a huge success!  It opened many people’s eyes to phenomenal work Fambul Tok is doing in its reconciliation efforts in Sierra Leone, as well as sparked conversation within the Dartmouth community.  With this event I am hoping to achieve similar results.  Fambul Tok uses organized soccer matches as an important part of its reconciliation work, supporting community healing after their civil war.  Gathering and donating balls would be a great way to educate the Dartmouth community about how Fambul Tok is working to build peace, and how even here in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire we can play a role in that, through something that we love – soccer!

Gabe Hoffman-Johnson

Senior at Dartmouth College