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Dartmouth Softball: Women In The Workforce - Ashley Gleason (05-09)

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By Beverly Schaefer
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This week’s Woman in the Workforce is Ashley Gleason, a 2009 graduate from Costa Mesa, CA. She played in 137 games throughout her tenure with the Big Green as a clutch bat with defensive diversity. She filled several roles as a utility player as well as leading from the pitcher’s circle. During her senior season, Ashley played in all 46 games, racking up a career high 43 hits, 28 runs and 12 RBI. Ashley currently holds two Dartmouth Softball records for home runs in a single game (2) and runs batted in during a single game (6). Off the field, Ashley volunteered with Athletes United, a group of Dartmouth athletes that put on sports clinics and leagues for local kids.

What I Do Now:

I am an Asset Manager for a real estate investment company. My assets are residential communities and my job requires that I maintain a successful investment for our investors and that I create a great community for our residents. I manage and work with a team of over 20 employees who are out in the field, managing the day-to-day activities that must happen at our communities. I work with these managers on a daily basis on projects such as remodeling homes, rent collections, budget analysis, training and more. I think that my job is a perfect balance because not only do I help our investors earn outstanding returns, but I also make a difference in the lives of our residents by creating great communities for them to call home.

What Dartmouth Softball Did for Me:

I think one of the most important aspects of my job is teamwork. I simply cannot accomplish my goals without the help of my team in my office and out in the field. The best softball team I was ever a part of was my senior year at Dartmouth. We all worked off of each other to achieve our goals and understood that it was going to take contributions from every person on the team to be successful. It is no different now in the workplace; I need my managers to follow our policies in the field, communicate with me and complete all projects in order for my company to be successful.

In addition to teamwork, softball taught me how to compete. A lot of times, I treat my job as a competition. I hate losing and my boss hates losing and that drives us both through the most difficult times of our jobs (he was a student-athlete as well).

Competing involves several different components and I think the most important of these are motivation, perseverance and passion. Sometimes at work, it’s hard to stay motivated because I may have a task I have to do, but it’s not something I necessarily want to do. There were times at Dartmouth that I really didn’t want to wake up at 5:30am to go to practice, but I knew if I did, it would make me that much better and give me the edge over my competitors.

Perseverance is extremely important in my job. Unexpected things happen every day like someone not paying their rent on time, a water main bursts or a decision I make backfires. Every problem presents an opportunity to learn and become better. If I gave up after I made an error, I would never have improved and I would have let my team down. Working through adversity makes you that much more prepared for success.

Lastly, passion for what you do may be most important of all. I come to work and am surrounded by people that truly love coming to work every day. My boss is passionate about helping his investors and helping the people in our communities and it’s contagious. I have passion for what I do because I get to help others and it makes me happy. I can’t imagine working in any other type of environment. I loved playing softball and I still do (although, like Hillary, I dread when a guy comes up to bat in our slow pitch league and I’m playing third base). If I didn’t love the game and my team, I would have quit long before I finished my softball career at Dartmouth because sometimes there isn’t a whole lot more than passion to keep driving you. Passion was what got me through my injuries, the losses and all of the other down times and is what really made the great times that much better.

Dartmouth Softball will always have a place in my heart and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of it. I still call my teammates family and sometimes wish we were all back in the middle of the forest, at the tiny college on the hill, eating breakfast at the Hop before our double header. Go Big Green!