Dartmouth College Football – Nutritional Philosophy

Nutrition is a vital part of the success of any athlete. Knowing what and how to eat are very important keys to achieving maximum performance not only in the weight room but on the field of play as well. As the Strength and Conditioning staff for the Dartmouth College Football Program we believe that teaching the athletes what they should eat is of the utmost importance, educating them to make good food choices will benefit them not only here, but after they have completed their eligibility.

There are a variety of ways to educate our athletes on proper nutrition. The primary way in which we try to educate our athletes is by the use of food logs. These logs allow us to see what the athletes are eating on a daily and weekly basis. From these logs we can make suggestions of food and beverages that can either be added or omitted to increase the athlete's nutritional intake and thus lead to greater perfromance.

In the game of football, weight management is also one of the areas we use as a means to educate our athletes about nutrition. There are a variety of body types that are associated with the game of football. Within our program we have athletes who need to gain weight as well as those who may need to decrease bodyweight in order to compete at the highest level. There is a fine balance between eating to put on weight, and eating to put on lean muscle. As a footaball staff we will meet with individual position coaches to determine which athletes need to gain/lose weight based on their designated positions on the field. Once this list is determined we can then educate our athletes on when and what to eat to meet their specified weight goals.

Post-Workout Nutrition is another aspect of our program that we stress to our athletes. After every workout session we provide our athletes with post workout shakes and bars that meet the required potein to carbohydrate ratios mandated by the NCAA.

Athletes are responsible for all supplemnets that they take on their own. If you are not sure if the supplement you are taking is banned through the NCAA you can have it checked through the www.drugfreesport.com/rec (go under Division I, password-ncaa1) or speak with one of the strength coaches or athletic trainers.


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