Training/Teaching Videos

   Olympic Lifts                  Squat Variations       Bench/Chest Variations
Teaching Progression Back Squat Bench Press
Hang Clean Front Squat Incline Press
Power Clean Box Squat Close Grip Bench 
Box Clean High Box Squat Wide Grip Bench
Hang Snatch Band Squat Floor Bench
Power Snatch Chain Squat Rack Bench
Box Snatch Overhead Squat Board Bench
Jerk Speed Squat Speed Bench
Split Jerk Single Leg Back Squat Band Bench
Clean and Jerk Single Leg Front Squat Band Incline Bench
DB Clean Single Leg Overhead Squat Chain Bench
DB Snatch Split Squat Chain Incline Bench
DB Single Arm Clean Split Front Squat Reverse Band Bench
DB Single Arm Snatch Split Overhead Squat DB Bench
DB Jerk DB Squat DB Incline Bench
DB Split Jerk DB Single Leg Squat DB Alternate Bench
DB Single Arm Jerk DB Pitcher Squat DB Single Arm Bench
DB Clean and Jerk DB Depth Squat DB Combination Bench
Clean and Split Jerk Barbell Lunges DB Band Bench
  Back Lunges DB Floor Bench
  Lateral Lunges DB Fly
  Sliding Rear Lunge DB Close Bench
  Sliding Lateral Lunges DB Incline Fly
  Step Ups DB Incline Close
  Step Up - Back Lunge DB Single Arm Incline
  Chain Front Squat DB Combination Incline 
    DB Alternate Incline
Lower Back Hamstring Upper Back
Barbell Dead Lift RDL Chin Ups
Trap Bar Dead Lift Band RDL Pull Ups
Rack Pulls Glute/Ham Raise Rope/Towel Pull Ups
Band Rack Pulls Band/WT Glute/Ham Raise Alternate Grip Pull Up
Goodmornings Poor Man Glute/Ham Barbell Bent Row
Rack Goodmornings DB RDL Barbell Bent Row (Supine Grip)
Reverse Hyper DB Single Leg RDL DB Row
Glute/Ham Back Extension 1 DB Single Leg RDL DB Single Arm Row
Band Glute/Ham Back Extension Single Leg Goodmornings DB Alternate Row
Sumo Dead Lift Two Feet Physioball Leg Curl 45 Degree Row (Wide)
Hip Press Single Leg Physioball Leg Curl 45 Degree Row (Close)
  Physioball Leg Curl  - Two In, One Out Pull Up Plus
  Band Physioball Leg Curl Push Up Row
  MB Hip Extension High Row
  MB Band Hip Extension Pulldown
  Leg Curls Inverted Row
  Goodmornings Inverted Row with Bands
  Band Poor Man Glute/Ham Weighted Inverted Row
Shoulders Field Drills Rope Exercises
Front Military Press Dynamic Warm Up Slams
Snatch Grip Military 6 Cone Drill (1) Alternate Wave
Front/Lateral/Rear Raise 6 Cone Drill (2) Quick Wave
90 Degree Lateral Raise 6 Cone Drill (3) Single Arm Whip
Curl To Lateral Raise Tic Tac Toe Drills (1) Internal Rotation
Curl To Press Tic Tac Toe Drills (2) External Rotation
Upright Row Metabolics Fly's
Cuban Press Agilities Tornados
Crucifix Plyometrics Tornado Slams
Shredders Conditioning Figure 8's
MB Walkouts   Butterfly Stroke
Arnold Press   Freestyle Swim
DB Military Press   Twists
DB Single Arm Military   Shoulder Press
DB Alternate Military   Alternate Shoulder Press
45 Degree Front Raise   Side Wave
45 Degree Lateral Raise   Hip Toss
    Warrior Slams (Right)
    Warrior Slams (Left)
    Jumping Jacks
    Cross Country Skiers
    Criss Cross
    Up Down Slams
    Bosu Ball Slams
    Bosu Ball Alternate Wave
    Upside Down Bosu Slams
    Upside Down Bosu Alternate Wave
    Physioball Slams
    Physioball Alternate Wave
    Physioball Overhead Wave
    Physioball Breast Stroke
    Physioball Freestyle
    Physioball Stability Alternate Wave
    Wave Squats
    Wave Lateral Lunge
    Wave Reverse Lunge
    Split Jumps
    King Kong
    Movement - Forward/Back
    Movement - Lateral Shuffle
    Walk Ups
    Rope Pulls
    Strongman Rows
    Partner Battle